HTML Large file uploader

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HTML Large file uploader is a FTP replacement for the normal quot;filequot; form input field. This is useful in getting around various restrictions in place that prevent files larger than a few MB being uploaded through HTTP.



Related Projects


phpMyBackupPro is a web-based MySQL backup application in PHP. You can schedule backups, download, email or upload them with FTP and backup whole file directories. Zip and gzip compression, easy interface and installation. Many languages and online help!


Wput is a command-line ftp-client that looks like wget but instead of downloading, uploads files or whole directories to remote ftp-servers. Features include wget like interface, TLS-encryption, resuming, speed limits, time-stamping, proxying and more.


GFTPKlient is a FTP Client for MS Windows (coming soon for Linux). You can download, upload, make, edit, remove, change attributes (and more) of files and folders. The new version include 3 languages (Catalan, Spanish and English) and a Address Book.

Apache mod_ftp - mod_ftp is an FTP protocol module hosted within Apache HTTP Server.

mod_ftp is an FTP Protocol module to serve httpd content over the FTP protocol (whereever the HTTP protocol could also be used). It provides both RETR/REST retrieval and STOR/APPE upload, using the same user/permissions model as httpd (so it shares the same security considerations as mod_dav plus mod_dav_fs).


Fwink is a webcam application for Windows. It takes still images from your camera and uploads them to an FTP server. You have the option to add effects to your images.

HTTP Upload Tool in PHP

This is a simple tool that lets you setup a drop-box for users to upload files with a browser. The goal was to create a drop-box similar to FTP, but easier for users to use and easier for non-technical admins to administrate.

PNGShot - Screenshots for dummies

PNGShot - Screenshots for dummies. Simply saves your screenshots to PNG files and automatically uploads them to an FTP server. This application is meant to be useful *and* small, no fancy graphical interface, just a simple config file and voilŕ.

Ftp-php - FTP Wrapper Class for PHP 5

Simple and powerful FTP wrapper class for PHP 5 FTP for PHP is a very small and easy-to-use library for accessing FTP servers. UsageOpens an FTP connection to the specified host: $ftp = new Ftp;$ftp->connect($host);Login with username and password $ftp->login($username, $password); Upload the file $ftp->put($destination_file, $source_file, FTP_BINARY);Close the FTP stream $ftp->close(); // or simply unset($ftp);Ftp throws exception if operation failed. So you can simply do following: try { $ftp

Sphpg - Simple php gallery

Simple gallery with upload by FTP or WWW (as single file or zip archive)

Fluent FTP

I found there is a lack of samples for building client FTP applications, so I decided to create a fairly straightforward FTP client. It support basic abilities you would expect from a FTP client - directory browsing, file downloads and uploads, creating directories. The UI...