Flexible Testing Framework

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FTF (for Flexible Testing Framework) is a modular framework for testing, both automatic and manual, and quality assurance. FTF initial development has been done in the EDOS project, to support Linux distributions testing.




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Ftfsmartcar - Source Code of the Penn State Smart Car Submission at FTF

FTF Smart CarSummary: This is the source code, schematics, etc for the 2010 Smart car competition at the Freescale Technology Forum. It will use the Freescale S08LL tower kit as the brain with IR sensors for imaging.

Mashup-truth-ftf-mapwikitest - Map Wiki test

Created with the Google Mashup Editor.

Free Template Filler (FTF)

Tool for generating text from templates, when given parameters. Good for generating code, etc.

ftf - ftf format file

ftf format file


Just a bunch of .dotfiles and a lazy man's install script


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