full text index for sqlite3

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FT3's goal is to add full text index support to sqlite3 databases.




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Ftdiplayground - FTDI C# Library with methods for CBUS pins manipulation.

FTDI C# LibrariesThis project aims to create several C# libraries that could communicate a FT232R FTDI chip with a computer via an USB serial interface. The libraries would allow the user to manipulate independently the IO Functions of the CBUS port in the chip or to use packed methods for 3pins synchronous BitBang simultaneously with USB UART. Using a FTDI FT232R chip allows a user to communicate any embedded device with a windows application. This set of libraries make this work easier while p

Trab3compgraf201002ft - Trabalho 3 de computação gráfica

Trabalho de implementação de Raytrace baseado no esqueleto desenvolvido pelo professor Rodrigo Toledo disponível em: http://www.tecgraf.puc-rio.br/~rtoledo/raytrace/


Apollon - the greek god of music, mp3s, and videos! Apollon is a KDE-based client for the p2p-protocol giFT (OpenFT, FastTrack(Kazaa!),..). Please see our project webpage for more details. http://apollon.sf.net

War3ft - Warcraft 3 FT Modified

A modified version of Warcraft 3 Frozen Thrown for CS.

Fairytales - A small (web based) story board

The projectUsing Excel to handle stories/task in your scrum compilation? Well, so did I. Until I realized that the Product Owners forgot to let go of the files, didn't find the files, didn't know "what to update" etc. Fairy Tales were created from all my hassles with Excel and the common mistake... "everybody knows Excel". Fairy Tales provides an easy way to get rid of Excel sheets for story handling. Trouble with installing stuff?All you need to run FT is Windows XP (or higher) with IIS install

Obj2gui - Automatic GUI Generator library for Java 1.5+

Object 2 GuiIntroductionThis project aim to generate automatically GUI corresponding to an existing instance of object, helping developer to win time on first stage of (GUI) development. Generation is based on variables annotations with multiple parameters, helping to design more sophisticated GUI. Works as simple as it needs only some lines of code to generate a "JPanel" reflecting an objects where variables becomes viewable/editable. All input controls are normally done automatically to forbid

Xsltemplates - An XSLT based template system for WSGI applications.

XSLTemplate is a simple XSLT based templating system that was created in order to use XSLT for WSGI web applications. The goal is to have a simple means of using XSLT for templating as well as provide an obvious and simple way of extending template via traditional XSLT extension functions and elements. As it is based on 4Suite, all the 4Suite documentation can be used as a basis for creating extensions. Also, XSLTemplates comes with some basic extensions specific to web applications. Basic Usage

Mypize - MySQL Plugins Sample Code and Build Files Generator

mypize Overviewmypize is MySQL Plugins Sample Code and Build Files Generator. The idea of this script comes from apxs (APache eXtenSion tool)'s template generating option. It generates a subdirectory name (see option -n) and there several files: 1. source code files *.cc *.h which can be used as a template for creating your own modules or as a quick start for playing with the mysql plugin mechanism. 2. autotools files corresponding autotools files for easier build and installing of the module. m

Raxport - Export Thermo RAW files to FT1, FT2, MS1, and MS2 files

Convert Thermo Finigan RAW files to FT1, FT2, MS1, and MS2 files Instructions: 0. Please run the program under Windows XP. We have not tested the program under Vista or Win7 1. Install Xcalibur v2.1. Raxport won't work with previous versions of Xcalibur. 2. Download both Raxport.exe and Interop.XCALIBURFILESLib.dll and save them into the same directory. If you store both files under C:\\WINDOWS, you can call Raxport from any directory without specifying the absolute path of Raxport.exe. 3. Open