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Related Projects

Fsr-ypp - a demo of ypp

a demo of ypp

Winhacplusplus - WINHAC++ -- objective Monte Carlo generator for charged Drell-Yan's processes

The Monte Carlo Event Generator for Single W-Boson Production with Leptonic Decays in Hadronic CollisionsThe generator is migrated from FORTRAN. Migration is in progress, however the first stage is finished now, the FSR is done by now.


pos silo tracker and order tool

Tu-darmstadt-ros-pkg - ROS repository containing Open Source ROS compatible software developed at TU

ROS compatible software developed at TU DarmstadtPlease have a look at the wiki at ros.org for documentation of available software: http://www.ros.org/wiki/tu-darmstadt-ros-pkg This repository contains software contributed by the following groups: http://www.sim.informatik.tu-darmstadt.de/ http://www.fsr.tu-darmstadt.de/ http://www.gkmm.tu-darmstadt.de

lamp-ware codes

Just a little bit of code: fsr-hp folder consists of my own cms for our student representatives' homepage. prog-framework folder consists of basic data structures and similar.

samsung_fsr - previously proprietary FSR (STL, BML) driver

previously proprietary FSR (STL, BML) driver


FSR172X Capture Tester


Arduino library that decodes multiple presses on an force sensitive resistor (FSR) as if it were a button.