F# PowerPack with F# Compiler Source Drops

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F# Extras is a collection of libraries and tools for F# . The site includes open source code drops of the F# compiler and library.




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Stocks-application - F# enterprise software demo

This is technical demo to apply F-Sharp (F#) language in real world application. This application is close to real world enterprise application (with very optimal solutions, at least in 2011). The function of this application is to get Stock Quote Data and Historical Stock Prices from Yahoo Finance Architecture visaul presentation: Architecture.pptx There are two web user interfaces: 1. Silverlight 5.0 MVVM made with Expression Blend - Silverlight F# 2.0 ViewModel and client logics dll 2. HTML 5


.NET 4 version of the F# PowerPack


F# PowerPack (based on the Apache 2.0 code drop release)

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