Free Space Colonization

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FSC is a game of colonization, research, diplomacy and trade. A 4X approach.It is played on randomly generated maps, the aim is to build an empire and rule most of the galaxy. For rule details see the project docs. It needs SDL and OpenGL to run.



Related Projects

Pydonet - Various Fidonet-related tools written in Python.

Various Fidonet-related tools written in Python. There are no packaged dowloads; you'll have to grab the latest code from the subversion repository. The code is undocumented and largely untested. If you're brave enough to try it I'm happy to field questions and fix bugs.

Cies-fsc - fichiers de travaille pour expo fsc

ensemble de documents permettant de préparer une expo au fsc des trois années à venir


flat and simple cms. A very simple, but also very young, PHP CMS. Currently inactive. If interested in software and fix a few bugs, I'll put you in a developer. Right now I just don't have enough time.

Cp2fsc-and-replanner - Algorithms for partially observable planning problems

The project hosts two planners for solving partially observable planning problems: cp2fsc and k_replanner. cp2fscIt is an automated tool for generating finite-state controllers (FSCs) for partially observable problems. The FSCs are Mealy machines whose transitions, conditional on observations, dictate the actions to apply in the environment. In order to synthetise the FSC, the control problem (CP) is translated into a conformant problem and then into a classical planning problem. The solution of


S3FS-C is a FUSE (File System in User Space) based file system backed by Amazon S3 storage buckets. Once mounted, S3 can be used just like it was a local file system. This project was forked from S3FS ( release 1.59 and being rewritten to be compatible with other S3 clients such as s3cmd, AWS Management Console, etc.

Fsc-sdk - Flight Simulator Cockpit SDK

The Flight Simulator Cockpit SDK aims to ease the developpement of the thin layer of code between cockpit hardware, such as components from OpenCockpit, and the SimConnect SDK for Microsoft Flight Simulator X (FSX). If you want to read the motivation and see if it may suit your needs, read the Introduction. If you are ready to developp your own cockpit software, read the GettingStarted section. You may also check the ProjectStatus section to see how far we are and the ToDo section to see the nex

Fscamiloa16xx - Supply patches for FSC Amilo A16xx laptops which uses Ububtu

Ubuntu Intrepid now has the patched acerhk kernel module. This means that the installation script will become deprecated. I have started working on a patch for acer_acpi which will add hotkeys support so it will be able to replace acerhk.Since I own of these, I thought that it would be nice to give support for Ubuntu users. Please note: I'm a junior programmer for a major company, I only do this in my free time, I am not affiliated with Fujitsu nor Siemens nor I get any money/laptop upgrades fro

Fs-c - Filesystem Chunking

Application to measure and analyze file systems to find the internal and temporal redundancy for file-based chunking and fingerprint-based data de-duplication. The fs-c tools allow to analyze the internal and temporal redundancy of file system directories that are found by content-defined chunking using Rabin's fingerprinting method and static chunking with different chunk sizes. The goal is to allow users to provide a rough estimate of the redundancy found by de-duplication systems for their co

Fnv-fsc - 3D network visualizator

3D-Network-Visualizator3D-Network Visualizator visualizza le interazioni tra i nodi di una rete in modo pratico e intuitivo. I nodi venogno disposti in uno spazio tridimensionale in base alle loro coordinate. La visualizzazione dei diversi istanti di tempo avviene in maniera fluida come se si stesse guardando un video. Le interazioni tra i nodi sono rappresentate con degli archi che collegano coppie di nodi. Le interazioni sono evidenziate con colori differenti, con archi di altezza differente i

Coolneon-shield - this is the code for the Arduino Shield known as the Cool Neon Shield.

( if you are not seeing any pictures, scroll down, there's lots of stuff on this page) this is the home for the code for the Arduino Shield known as the Cool Neon Shield. it is used for sequencing different patterns of light emitting Cool Neon. What it is?: it's an attachment for an Arduino Duemilanove ( a very popular DIY electronic computing platform) This attachment I have created is used for turning on and off strands of light up wire called Cool Neon it is distributed by