Wireless switch for AMILO M 7440

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This project is a Linux Kernel 2.4/2.6 module/console program for change wireless radio status on Fujitsu-Siemens AMILO M 7440 laptop




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Fsam7440patched - This contains the fsam7440 utility in a patched version

This project contains an updated version of the great fsam7440 project which has been released on sourceforge. The original project can be found here: http://fsam7440.sourceforge.net/ Fsam7440 is needed to get the wireless device in amilo7440 notebooks working. Because of several kernel updates a patch became necessary. If you prefer to do the patch manually then you can find clear step by step instructions in the internet. This one here is only a version, which has been patched the proposed way

kernel-net-fsam7440 - Linux kernel module for Wireless switch on AMILO M 7440

Linux kernel module for Wireless switch on AMILO M 7440

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