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FSA is a probabilistic multiple sequence alignment algorithm which uses a quot;distance-basedquot; approach to aligning homologous protein, RNA or DNA sequences.




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FSA-BLAST is a new version of the popular BLAST (Basic Local Alignment Search Tool) bioinformatics tool, used to search genomic databases containing either protein or nucleotide sequences. FSA-BLAST is twice as fast as NCBI-BLAST with no loss in accuracy.

Swingfsatester - This project aim is to test Java Swing interface using Finite State Automata

This project aim is to test Java Swing interface using Finite State Automata. Starting from a description of interface behaviour using a FSA, and generating test cases.

Yaree - Yet Another Regular Expression Engine

IntroductionYAREE stands for "Yet Another Regular Expression Engine", and it's basically a RE matcher library. The user inputs a regular expression using only simple constructs (choice, kleene star, concatenation and grouping, for now) and some queries for it's engine, and the sample program outputs the success or failure of the matches. The library API is very clean and concise, allowing the programmer to tweak with the parse tree and the finite state automata behind the scenes. The main purpos

Fsa-horaires - Une petite application permettant de constituer une grille horaire avec ses cours en

FSAHoraires est une petite application permettant aux étudiants de la Faculté des Sciences Appliquées de l'Université Catholique de Louvain en Belgique de se constituer une grille horaire individuelle de leurs cours. Comment installer ce programme? FonctionnalitésCherche les horaires des cours sur http://perception.fsa.ucl.ac.be/ Rassemble les horaires des cours d'un semestre Comptabilise les crédits Possibilité d'enregistrer et de charger son programme de cours Un screenshot valant mieux

Fsmjs - A Finite state machine library in Javascript

OverviewThe goal of this project is a framework for (weighted) fine state automata and transducers in Javascript with all algorithms of this paper implemented: Mehryar Mohri - Weighted Automata Algorithms (Quite?) All operations are already implemented, however maybe not in the most efficient way. Current goal is to write a regex parser creating FSMs in order to have a dynamic demo / tutorial for FSM operations. Current Demo is static. Thanks to Paul Dixon for fixing some bugs to make this work