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It's a simple program designed for testing performance of filesystems in basic I/O and file operations.




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Solleros - SollerOS - Jeremy Soller's operating system.

TestersPlease read the content in the Wiki section. Information about assembling and running SollerOS, usernames, passwords, interrupts, and keymaps are all there. I just added an interesting feature. If you go to http://solleros.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/jpc.html you can run SollerOS in a browser window. Current EventsTHE NEXT UPLOADED MAJOR BUILDYou should expect many BIG fixes. There will be lots of code cleanup and I will try to get UnFS rolled into the main kernel which means that filesystem

filestore-upload-test - Filestore upload tester - currently for aostor and weed-fs

Filestore upload tester - currently for aostor and weed-fs

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