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Frotz is a wildly popular and widely portable Z-machine. Ports are available for just about every machine out there.



Related Projects


Kwest is a port of the popular Unix Frotz interpreter to KDE, wich allows you to play interactive fiction (adventure games) written in the Inform format.


Port of Frotz from C to C#.

Zedt - A Chrome/Firefox browser extension for playing z-code interactive fiction

Zedt is based on the Parchment z-code engine (which itself is based on Gnusto), but it makes several additions to the raw engine. Specifically, it manages a user's library and save files, and allows the user to upload local files. You can install the Chrome/Chromium production version of the app from the Web Store:

Iphonefrotz - Frotz for iOS - Interactive Fiction for iPhone and iPod Touch

2011/06/09 UpdateVersion 1.5.3 now available. See here for more info. 2011/04/06 UpdateVersion 1.5.2 now available. 2011/03/30 UpdateVersion 1.5.1 now available. 2010/11/05 UpdateVersion 1.5 now available. 2010/05/18 UpdateVersion 1.4 now available. 2009/09/19 UpdateVersion 1.3 now available. 2009/04/15 UpdateVersion 1.2 now available. 2008/08/27 UpdateVersion 1.0.1 now available. 2008/08/12 UpdateFrotz is now available on the iTunes App Store! Burned out on all the new-fangled graphics and dazz

Hunkypunk - Hunky Punk is an interactive fiction interpreter for Android.

This project was cloned from the original created by Rafał Rzepecki. Improvements include: Tads support (Tads 2.5.14, 3.0.18) improved Z-code support (Frotz 2.50) blorb support tap to scroll font preference improved stability In Progress: improved soft keyboard handling (autocomplete) navigate command history for edit & re-use

Ifbot - An IRC bot used to collaboratively play interactive fiction.

IFBot is an IRC bot that sits in a channel, waiting for people to play with it. Instead of using a preloaded set of games to play, IFBot will download a file from the interactive fiction archive and load it up for you to play. IFBot is built to use modified executable versions of the interpreters, which are meant to secure your computer, but I cannot give any guarantees. (You should never play games on a security-critical machine in any case.) The code is based on Meldrew, and it takes the uri a

Loap - Lobsters on a Plane

"A flying tube of riveted aluminum the length of a football field, a swarm of angry carnivorous lobsters, a seething mass of frightened mortal passengers, and a renowned High Wizard who you sworn to protect. Hope you brought a bib." This game is a humorous-fantasy text adventure ("interactive fiction") originally written for a "speed" competition. It was mostly written in 8 hours, then completed haphazardly over the course of a week. It's decidedly less polished then our other games, but then th

Hoosegow - An interactive fiction game

Muddy's plan done landed you and your partner in the hoosegow. Now you're fixing to rectificate the matter before the marshal introduces you to the business end of a hangin' rope at dawn. This game is a wild-west text adventure ("interactive fiction") originally written for the Casual Gameplay One-Room Escape Game competition. It's written in the Inform 7 programming language, and compiles into bytecode that can be executed on a Z-machine interpreter. (Because the source text straddles the fuzzy

frotz - Mirror of's frotz

Mirror of's frotz

nFrotz - Frotz port for the TI-Nspire.

Frotz port for the TI-Nspire.