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Related Projects

Ranet-cricket - Short Messages to the Cloud

Cricket is a stand alone command line application designed to interface short message systems with various "cloud" services. While designed to work with FrontlineSMS, it could conceivably be used with other applications. The intent of Cricket is to provide users, unable to maintain server infrastructure, with a way to post messages from desktop systems to various cloud services automatically.

Whooz - A mapping server which draws data from Twitter and other sources.

This Ruby on Rails application can draw upon a number of different interfaces (Twitter, FrontlineSMS, etc) for mapping data, and produces maps in Google maps or custom displays in real time. Users can sign up for the service with their SMS-enabled phones and submit map data which shows up live on the web interface. They can also do geographic searches for keywords. Geocoding via GeoKit is used to find lat/lon from SMS messages. Read more about the project at There are video tutorials a

frontlinesms-core - frontlinesms-core project for PatientView

frontlinesms-core project for PatientView

frontlinesms-dist - Distribution builder for FrontlineSMS and core plugins.

Distribution builder for FrontlineSMS and core plugins.