Frontier Web Authentication System

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Frontier is a web based authentication system for websites that utilize PHP scripting and MySQL databases. Frontier's main purpose is to provide authentication services to various portions of a website based on users, groups and other permissions.



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Blood Frontier

Blood Frontier was a single-player and multi-player first-person shooter game, built as a total conversion of Cube Engine 2 (Sauerbraten). The project has been discontinued. Details at


OpenGL/SDL open-storyline flying car-sim game life in the City. survive. inspired by Elite/Frontier series, Grand Theft Auto, Flashback...

Jquery-frontier-calendar - Full month calendar jQuery plugin that looks like Google Calendar.

jQuery Frontier CalendarFull month calendar jQuery plugin that looks like Google Calendar. Latest Version, 1.3.2- June 24th, 2010Please visit the downloads section for a working example and API documentation. Download Latest Version: Download Older Versions: Google Group:

Ikeo-catbot - Dynamic structural link between Robot and CATIA.

CatBot is the result of on-going research by Ian Keough of Buro Happold and David Benjamin of The Living into multi-objective structural analysis using CATIA, Autodesk Robot, and modeFrontier. CatBot transfers CATIA geometry to Robot conducts a structural analysis and returns a text file containing the analysis results. Linked with Esteco's modeFrontier, CatBot can be used for multi-objective structural analysis.

Mapreduce-dot-net - Implementation of Google MapReduce framework for dotnet environment (C#)

Grid computing is the new frontier. This project is an attempt to allow dotnet developers to do parallel computing using a very simple MapReduce.Net API framework.

Crimson Space

Crimson space is a Space Combat/Trader in the veins of Frontier: Elite2, and Frontier: First encounters, with engine that can generate an entire gaming universe from a single seed number.

Jquery-vert-tabs - jQuery Vertical Tabs plugin.

jVertTabs A jQuery based plugin for building vertical tabs. Latest version: 1.1.4 For a working example, source code, and documentation please download the latest zip file. Also, have a look at my other calendar plugin! :)

Cube Server Lister

Tool to monitor Cubeengine based game servers like Cube, Sauerbraten, AssaultCube and Blood Frontier.

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