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Frond is a cross platform fractal viewing application written in Java. Frond allows you to zoom in to any area of the fractal with unlimited undo and redo capabilities and adjust amount of iterations to maximise detail.



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Ewm - a java based window manager.

Erik's Window Manager is the code name for a Java based window manager. It utilizes a loosely coupled frond and back-end to allow maximum flexibility and portability. Extremely FlexibleBecause of the loose coupling of the entire program a wide variety of user interaction and visualization is possible. Future support for multi pointer X, mirroring 2 independent application's, joining user desktops, rendering in OpenGL, AJAX or Android and much more are only a breeze away. Current StatusFor now th


Simple MySQL frond-end like phpMyAdmin. Quick response and light weight(about 3KB). If you like, use this with phpMyAdmin. Demo server ready. Please try this.

Micp-sim - Microprocessor Simulator

Microprocessor Simulator8-bit Microprocessor Simulator SoftwareINTRODUCTIONThe aim of this project is to develop a simple simulator for basic microprocessor that could be used for teaching simple computer architecture. Along with a suitable frond-end GUI, the simulation should include both the register and stack based machines. The student should select from the many simple instruction sets, the way to parse in the instructions, and how to display the animated processor. The project should start

Usbavrsi570 - Firmware USB AVR Si570 controler.

Firmware to control a Si570 chip over the USB port.This is the official source of the firmware delivered with the SoftRock40 SDR receivers / transceivers (V9.0, V6.3, RX Ensemble, RXTX Ensemble) kits from Tony, KB9YIG. Website describing the various versions of the firmware. pe0fko firmware. Firmware configuration tool. WinRad SDR application ExtIO_Si570 DLL to control the firmware in WinRad. Many other SDR radio applications are supporting the SoftRock kits as a frond-end receiver. Some of the

Surroundyou - A location and position based social networking services which will run on web and mob

surroundYOU will facilitates end user with an intelligent GPS. It provide the various services such as friends, friend's location, restaurants, likewise sport-player, local attractions, hospitals, cab, fuel station, pubs, blood donors, charity organizations, movie theater, starbucks, grocery stores, pharmacy store, local news, airports, weather, and much more. As the project going to be based on J2EE and AJAX technologies, we will also add some of the WEB 2.0 concepts such as rating, user commen

frond - Frond firmware

Frond firmware

Smarty-framework - A quick framework over Smarty Template Engine - code differently but robust

Sanjaal Framework (now matured)Alias: CrossOver Frameworkhelp me to produce a screen cast update: 2012-03-30 I am sure you would like to know how to install and run this application. I would like to produce a screen cast for you, live time. Please suggest me what software should I have do use for this. Leave me your message at: Thank you! Download NoticeUse SVN for latest copy. To download this project with SVN, please checkout to: http://smarty-framework.g

snack - A web frond of openstack with tornado

A web frond of openstack with tornado

ruby-for-f2e - rubygems showcase for frond-end developers

rubygems showcase for frond-end developers

chariconsultingcom - website design proposal, frond-end bootstrap, nodejs server, responsive

website design proposal, frond-end bootstrap, nodejs server, responsive