Free Rendering Object Graphic 3D

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Frog3d (Free Rendering Object Graphic 3D) is a 3ds file viewer. it is writen in C++ and use QT for the GUI and OpenGL for the rendering



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Sitsdev - XNA Game

Survive in the swamp - 3D third person game about frog, which is struggling with spiders for her aunt naked on the toilet. Written in XNA Game Studio for university project.

Frogger 3D

FROGGER 3D GAME: 3D remake of the classic Konami game: you have to help 5 frogs to reach their respective holes passing over a street full of cars and a river where you can only use trunks and waterlily to pass-by without drowning. Levels: the numbers of levels is potentially...

Monkey-mahjongg - 3D Mahjongg game using jMonkeyEngine

Monkey Mahjongg is a 3D mahjongg implementation using jMonkeyEngine. While it should run stand-alone and make fun, the main purpose is to show a simple but complete game implementation, which can serve as demo and example (including a tutorial), so it should be kept small and simple. Finally the code should become part of the jmetest package, however this site will provide stand-alone downloads. Of course, there will be some references to the "fauna and flora" around jME, which includes monkeys,

Pytombo - Python library for Tombo plain text and encrypted notes

A pure Python library and tools for accessing Tombo notes in either plain text or encrypted (.chi files). See PyTomboBackground for more information. In progress project GtkTombo. Tool exampleCommand line example (there is a mini web based search too), a grep-like search tool for searching plain and encrypted notes. Plain text search only: # -i stork aesop12.txt:Stork that soon set to work gobbling them all up. Then the FrogsSearch plain and encrypted

Whip-frog - A 3D physics platform game. Play as a frog who must save the last of his kind (tadpoles)

The game is a 3rd person, retro visual & music style platformer. The player is a Frog who can use his tongue to grapple onto objects and swing from one object to another. The objective is to rescue stranded tadpoles and return them to the water - or face extinction! You must not take too long exploring for the tadpoles or else you will dry out and die. Regular returns to the water below will ensure survival but the player is encouraged to master the tongue grasping mechanic to reach the tadpoles

Frog-spawn - multiplatform 3d game engine

multiplatform 3d game engine

Happyfrog - a funny game based on Qt and Box2D

About HappyFrogHappyFrog is a funny game which is based on Qt and Box2D (mainly,Declarative UI integrated with Box2D). It is an opensource project as well.Maybe It reminds you of "Angry bird". The most interesting thing you can find in the game is that you can customize the level and edit your own fixture world.And of course,you can save the fixture world and load the fixture info during play. HappyFrog can runs on any Symbian^3 Nokia mobile device(N8,C7,E7) basically and N900 as well (long for

Mareo - MAREO: Multiple Applications Runner for EAC and Others

MAREO, spanish for ‘dizziness’, is a special program for CD rippers and other audio compression frontends that has the ability to execute multiple encoders for each track ripped, allowing to encode to multiple audio formats at the same time.It can be used to rip to FLAC (for archival) and MP3 (for MP3 Player use) at once, or to WavPack and Ogg Vorbis, or to Monkey’s Audio and AAC, etc.Once properly configured, MAREO is called from the frontend software (be it EAC or Others), as if it where

Neural3d - This is a project attempting to allign 2D images of small animal brain slices to create 3

The most common method for 3-dimensional analysis of neural activity (functional MRI) cannot be applied to small animals because of the resolution of the images. As a result, many neurobiologists measure neural activity in 2-dimensional slices. However, recent advances in image manipulation should enable the 3-D reconstruction of brain activity maps from 2-D images. There are several published reports of methods that create 3-D maps from 2-D images, and at least one of these uses publicly availa

toadinator - Make 3D-printable croaking frog toys in your browser.

Make 3D-printable croaking frog toys in your browser.