Frets on Fire

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Frets on Fire is a game of musical skill and fast fingers. The aim of the game is to play guitar with the keyboard as accurately as possible.



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Fofbrainz - Fetch album art from the MusicBrainz database for Frets on Fire

This is a simple utility written in C# that looks for songs in your Frets on Fire database that do not have album art ("labels"). For these songs, it connects to the MusicBrainz online database and retrieves album art.

Freeband - Free as Libre Arcade Game

Arcade game coded in python. Play guitar or battery, single or multiplayer It will be packet for debian when completed :) A Linux Xbox 360 ready package will be given when completed. This project is NOT related to Linux (but it's NOT targed to run on Windows). It'll run on any computer with python, python-soya and pygame installed (and blender if you pretend to edit the models and animations). Thanks a lot to the soya and pygame team for creating such a nice environments! :) NEWS04-13-2007 The e

Bandherotheme - Theme based on Band Hero.

This is a clone theme for FoFiX based on the game Band Hero.

Crankit - Guitar Hero Clone

Yet another Guitar Hero Clone. This one is written in C++ and is using OpenSceneGraph. It aims to be playable on Linux/MacOS X and Windows machines.

Tap-tap-acur97 - Tap Tap para pc creado por

Dejo el proyecto en la pag normal seccion "Tap Tap Pc"

Onstage-rockstar-theme-fofix - Onstage Rockstars FoFix

This theme is for FoFix and is updtated oftenly depending on required files on future FoFix versions

Onstage-rockstar-theme-for-fofix - Onstage Rockstars FoFix

This theme is for FoFix and is updtaedoftenly depending on required files on future FoFix versions

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