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C# Client Library to use the Freshbooks API



Related Projects

Freshbooks-py - The Python interface to the FreshBooks API

This is the Python interface to the FreshBooks API. Source CodeThis project is hosted on GitHub at:

Freshbooks-api-java-client - Java code to access the FreshBooks API

FreshBooks is a popular online invoicing application. As part of integrating Clarity Accounting with FreshBooks I had to write a Java library to access it with. Rather than keep this code to myself, I thought I'd share it, just in case other people are writing code to use the FreshBooks API.

Django-freshbooks - Freshbooks API and Django integration

This is combination of Django Forms and the Freshbooks API refreshbooks from Owen Jacobson here INSTALLATION: # Download dependacies easy_install oauth easy_install functional easy_install lxml easy_install httplib2 # Checkout the code into a dir named django_freshbooks cd /Library/Python/2.6/site-packages/ # or /var/lib/python2.6/site-packages svn co django_freshbooks # Add 2 settings to your settings.

Freshbooksdotnet - client library for freshbooks developed in .net

This project allows you to create, update or send invoices, clients on the billing platform of Freshbooks (TM) using .net and c# but can easy compiled with mono framework.

Zf-freshbooks-api - Freshbooks API Zend Framework Style

This small library simplifies calls to the Freshbooks API. It is meant for inclusion in a Zend Framework project and follows the Zend naming conventions for autoloading classes. A basic example: $api =& Freshbooks_Api::getInstance();$api->setAccountInformation( 'api_url', 'api_token' );$result = $api->call('client.list');if( !$result->isError() ){ foreach($result->data->clients as $client){ echo $client->first_name.' '.$client->last_name; }}

Freshbooks-javascript-library - FreshBooks API Javascript Library

This is a Javascript library for FreshBooks API. If you don't want to deal with XML directly this might be the tool for you. Developer: Milan Rukavina, As of Spring 2012, this project can be found at Github. FIND IT AT LICENSE: This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it. THE SOFTWARE IS PROVIDED "AS IS", WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO T

Freshbooks-php-library - FreshBooks API PHP Library

This is a PHP 5 library for FreshBooks API. If you don't want to deal with XML directly this might be the tool for you. Developer: Milan Rukavina, REQUIREMENTS: PHP 5 USAGE: Please take a look at example.php file from this package. It's trivial example but should be good enough to demonstrate usage. Take a look at wiki page UsageSnippets for more usage examples. For more details please refer to docs directory from the package. LICENSE: This program is free software; you c

Freshbookstimer - Extension to track time and submit to

Coding for a Google Chrome Extension to allow a user to start/stop a timer and associate that time with a project & task before submitting the recorded time to Outstanding Tasks are Allow entry of Notes on time entries Allow more than one timer implement OAuth authentication