Absolute Frequency Music Generator

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A program that generates music (WAV-like files) from a specification of tones in absolute frequencies, rather than the normal well-defined tones. The specification list all notes, their length, frequency and amplitude and the program generate a mix of all




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FreqTweak is a tool for FFT-based realtime audio spectral manipulation and display. It provides several algorithms for processing audio data in the frequency domain with a highly interactive GUI to manipulate and display the spectral data.

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Python wrapper for the Tumblr API UsageInstall simplejson Get the source Start coding ReadingPosts can be accessed via an iterator that takes care of all the details of paging through results sets. Here is an example that builds a frequency dictionary then charts it with Google Charts. from tumblr import Apifrom pygooglechart import PieChart3Dchart = PieChart3D(400, 200)api = Api('staff.tumblr.com')freq = {}posts = api.read()for post in posts:\ttype = post['type']\ttry:\t\tfreq[type] += 1\texcep

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