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FreeWeb is an easy but powerful client program for lt;a href=quot;http://freenet.sourceforge.netquot;gt;Freenetlt;/agt;. It facilitates easy creation and maintenance of anonymous uncensorable websites (freesites) within Freenet. Goodbye Big Brother!



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TestGen.Net can automatically generate test cases that comply with NUnit, from existing assemblies, for .Net programmers. This project is derived from Edwinyeah's NUnitPartner at

Freewb - �点五笔爱好者


Openwebsystem - free domain name system

everybody who are connected to the internet will have is free and open.this will be open source network with different naming convention.

Samuraiproject - 3D side-scrolling role-playing game using the Dim3 Engine

Go to to see the project as it is today.


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WebGuide is an attempt to create a free of charge service that is like a web guide/list of web channels like internet radio stations or internet tv stations. You can add you own station for free to WebGuide. To download Visit

Holdem4dummies - Java Implementation of a No Limit Texas Hold&#39;em Engine

Texas Hold'em For Dummies Abstract The ultimate goal of this project is to bring people together to play and learn the fundamentals of No Limit Texas Hold’em. This will be accomplished by developing a Texas Hold’em multiplayer application. The game engine will incorporate several players, either human or computer, and will follow the standard rules of No Limit Texas Hold’em. Players will interact with the game engine through the use of a Graphic User Interface that will resemble a poker ta