Freevo - Media Centre Platform

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Freevo is an open source HTPC media centre integrating PVR / DVR funtionality along with music, video, gaming, home automation and more. It is written in python and uses existing popular software such as mplayer, xine and vlc.



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Fdemmer - a collection of small projects and code snippets

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XMdaemon is a set of daemons to control, play, and timeshift a show from a XMPCR on a linux system. It consists of a xmdaemon, xmtimeshiftdaemon, xmcontroldaemon, and a Freevo plugin. All updates available at

Freemote (

ipFour presents Web-based Remote Control for Freevo multimedia platform. Provides friendly web interface run using PHP and Apache.

Very Simple jTV Tuner

this is a very simple TV controller/recorder application. Suitable for IVTV supported TV cards (ie: PVR-150-250-350-500). Simple to use and to configure. You can watch and record TV. Like Freevo and MythTV but simplier ---- Since the end of 2009, no more

Google-summer-of-code-2007-freevo - Code samples from students working with Freevo for Google Summer

Home Theater Platform. Freevo contains different modules for controlling a PC with a remote on a TV. Unlike other projects Freevo tries to reuse existing other applications such as mplayer, xine and gstreamer for this task. The new API is designed to be very flexible, splitting the logic into several independent modules that can also be used by other projects. It contains a subproject kaa with the different modules and the GeeXboX project has joined the Freevo team to create a Live-CD based on F

Podcastic - Podcast Retriever and Organizer for Freevo

This is a freevo helper which downloads a list of audio and video podcasts and organizes them in a directory stricture with all relevant meta-data and information. The project is based on the rssServer script from

Beagle-media-player - Media player oparty o beagleboard

Celem projekty jest stworzenie systemu który umożliwi ogladanie filmów z zewnatrzego dysku podłaczonego po NFS. Beagleboard stanowi pośednik pomiedzy TV, a serwerem NAS. Cele: - sterowanie za pośrednictwem telefonu HTC G1

Django-torrent-tracker - django torrent tracker

torrent tracker, which uses memcache library for storing peers bugs: * parser of search queries, say, not perfect* multilanguage search does not workrequirements * python-beautifulsoup tested with 3.0.4* cmemcache tested with 0.91* python-imaging tested with 1.16* django-tagging:* kaa.metadata: svn:// (seems it is working only with python 2.4 at the moment)optional * solr, if you want search engineincomplete features * uploading vi

Mediaark - The humble beginnings of a searchable media library and backup system.

Media ArkMediaArk as a project will be about keeping track of digital backups and providing a catalog like system for indexing external media disks, and local/network directories alike. The early stages of development have been focused on automatically determining information from filenames and media file metadata. The long term goal is a searchable catalog system that will inform you what backup disk a file is on. Further the system will eventually become backup oriented making it easier to det


Freevo 1.x (stable)