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FreeTime provides a secure, central location for a vendor and their clients to communicate and track information on projects. It provides extensive hours reporting and the hours reports generated provide the basis for project budget analysis and billing.



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RISC OS internet - popstar, newshound

RISC OS internet software, such as popstar, newshound, freetime

Castanea - Freetime java project

A freetime project, to explore the possibilities of Java gamedevelopment.

Freetime Development Platform

Freetime Development Platform is a set of reusable design used to develop Web and Desktop based applications.

Urh - Urh Dungeon - Simple old-school RPG

Urh Dungeon is a free-time project of two 16y old overly-excited newbie. Written using Python and Pygame.

Parsley - Simple and Affordable 3D Scanners for Everyone!

Welcome to ParsleyParsley is an open source initiative to build a low-cost 3D scanner. With Parsley you can create your own 3D models easily by scanning them from your desktop. More videos can be found on the Videos page. RequirementsParsley requires hardware to work. Usually this hardware makes 3D scanning expensive. Parsley has been designed with low-cost budgets in mind. As a result you need a standard webcam, a line based laser, and some cartons to glue your printed patterns on. All availabl

Wordpress-fem - Freetime Event Manager

Manage your events and share it with friends.

Drophole - fun GWT web application for bored people. is a web application created with Google's GWT framework. It allows the visitors to upload any file to the server. A rotation of five randomly selected files will be displayed on the website for visitors to download.

Cryptanalysis - a script to analsye encrypted data and if indicated and possible decrypt it

well, im working on this at the moment, but im not publishing anything yet, because not even the basic features are finished so far, but im definitely interested in this topic and working on it, so if you are interested too, wait until i publish something, or, much better, send me an email and help me :) this is just a freetime project and im just doing it to become more confident on tcl and to learn something about statistic, mathematics and encryption/decryption.