The Freestyler Toolkit

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The Freestyler Toolkit leverages the strengths of native Java on both Linux-kerneled systems and Windows to create native SWT Graphical User Interfaces and native Apache XmlRpc servants that work seemlessly with MySQL relational databases. The toolkit cr



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Freestyle is a software for Non-Photorealistic Line Drawing rendering from 3D scenes. Inspired by Pixar's Renderman, it is designed as a programmable interface to allow maximum control over the style of the output image.

Abrahamweb - Proyecto de la web del Abraham

En este proyecto se irá desarrollando la nueva página web para el Abraham.

DotNetNuke® Skin Freestyle

A DotNetNuke Design Challenge skin submitted to the Traditional category by Henry Tavarez of Arrow Consulting. Sharpie fonts, larger logo and casual treatments on the containers and page titles give the DNN5 default template a more "freestyle" look.

Fsd2contenteditor - FSD2 Content Editor

FSD2 Content EditorA application to edit FSD 2.0's fsd2content.xml via a GUI FSD2 Config Editor - Requires DotNet 4.0 UsageJust copy your fsd2content.xml from /fsd2data/ and load it into the application

Rtoss - RTOSS: some programs and scripts that was created or modified by me

RTOSS: some programs and scripts that was created or modified by me Which contains: ATrack - my own simple audio tracker File Releases - my own file release PHP script FileList - Modified Directory Listing Script by Ash Young GSPlayeR - Modified GSPlayer by GreenSoftware, Information page GreenPad - Modified GreenPad by k.inaba, Download binary in Blog entry GreenPad-nt350 - a fork of GreenPad for running in NT 3.50 merged to GreenPad GreenPad-nt31 - a fork of GreenPad-nt350 for running in NT 3.

Fsdash - Freestyle Dash for XBOX 360

Freestyle Dash for the XBOX 360 (JTAGGed Units) Alternative Dashboard for those who want to load games, xbla, god off USB/HDD.