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Related Projects

Freespace 2 Pascal Conversion Project

This projects goal is to convert the open source Freespace 2 engine to pascal.


Zed is a 3d space shooter for linux similar to Descent Freespace.

Star-lines - A star-field demo effect with mouse interaction and motion blur

Star-lines is a remake of an MS-DOS demo by Hugo Elias ( ); this version runs in the Python interpreted language, and allows the viewer to change camera angle and velocity. Requirements: Python 2.6 ( pygame 1.9.1 ( numpy 1.3.0 ( Find more software projects on my homepage at

Alliance Productions

Alliance Productions was started in early 2000 by Kazan as a publishng name for his utilities and campaign for FreeSpace 2. Now it has evolved into the publishing name for all projects started by him.

Freespace2wii - Wii Freespace 2

Freespace 2 for the Wii Beta is available for download. Read Installation instructions.

Fsman - Filesystem manager

The goal of this project is cleaning up free space

Carina - Freespace 2 Mod - Additional Campaign

Storyline WorkGeneral Notes Storyline Draft 1 Storyline Draft 2 12 Labors of Hercules Overall Game NotesCampaign Mission Analysis Established Squadron Designations LinksTerran Ship Database FreeSpace2-era Craft VPMage Plot Development

Db4o-groovy - groovy integration support for db4o

This project provides utilities for groovy to access db4o databases. Features provided in V0.1 Db4oBuilder: a groovy based DSL for accessing db4o database Db4oGroovyShell and Db4oQueryGroovyShell: db4o aware extensions of the groovy shell Db4oBuilder is supposed to be used by groovy based scripts or programs to access db4o database. It builds on the builder concept of groovy to provide a DSL. Although the db4o provides a very simple API, the Db4oBuilder provides an alternative way of access in G