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FreePOPs is a webmail to pop3 conversion daemon. It is extensible to support other webmail using the scripting language LUA. See the homepage for supported webmails.



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FreePop is a multi-platform tile-based game based on the great old game Populous 2 by Bullfrog Productions Ltd., but much improved.

Ymap - Yahoo Mail IMAP proxy

There are a few Yahoo! Mail IMAP proxies out there (YPOPS!, FreePOPs), but to be honest, I haven't had much luck with either of them. Additionally, switching webmail interfaces to Asia or Classic or whatever can be a bit of a hassle. Yahoo! supports IMAP on some mobile devices, and now also allows it for anyone using the Zimbra mail client. Unfortunately, I'm not too fond of that client and much prefer my Thunderbird; too bad it isn't natively supported. Luckily, Yahoo's IMAP implementation isn'

freepops-spray - FreePOPs and webmail interface

FreePOPs and webmail interface