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FreeNAS is an Open Source Storage Platform and supports sharing across Windows, Apple, and UNIX-like systems. It includes ZFS (high storage capacities and integrates file systems and volume management into a single piece of software)



Related Projects

Arduino-freenas - A FreeNAS information library for Arduino with LCD

OverviewThe goal of this project is to create a simple library in Java to communicate a PC and Arduino platform to preview information from a FreeNAS server in a LCD attached to Arduino. StatusDec'10 - Initial Jul'11 - Release Candidate 1 Third librariesRXTX, a Java Communications library. Requirements Arduino or compatible platform. A serial LCD with HD44780 chip. A FreeNAS server running. A PC with a USB free port. DownloadsSee Downloads, Source & Wiki Tabs Related projectsMonitor-freenas at G

Freenas-extensions - List of FreeNAS Extensions

This project contains source code, scripts and PHP files for FreeNAS. This project allows FreeNAS be more porewfull. At fisrt, look at Download section and maybe you found something interesting.

Monitornas-freenas - A webservice monitoring at FreeNAS server

OverviewThe goal of this project is create a service (like FreeNAS extension) to preview information about server in XML format. StatusRelease candidate 1. RequirementsA FreeNAS BASE OS < 0.8 (WebGUI PHP based) Related projectsArduino-freenas at GoogleCode AppMedia-freenas at GoogleCode SupportPlease report any bugs on the Issue Tracker.

Freenas-diskwriter - DiskWriter - CD/DVD Image Burner Fronted for FreeNAS

DiskWriter makes burning CD and DVD images from the FreeNAS WebUI a snap. It helps select the appropriate program and drive to use and gives one-click access to installing additional software you may need. Future versions may include CD/DVD mastering, but currently only prebuilt images are being supported.

Freenas-rss-extension - FreeNAS RSS Extension for Transmission

An extension for FreeNAS written in PHP similar to Automatic. Automatically downloads and parses RSS feeds against a set of user defined filters. Allows for feed subscriptions and custom download directories for both feeds and filters. Filters are Perl Compatible Regular Expression allowing for extremely fine tuned filtering of feeds.

Freenasednaextension - Edna Extension for FreeNAS

This project is an extension development for edna system which allows users to share their music library via an http stream and listen to them remotely.

Supernas - An OpenSource All In One Linux Based NAS/SAN Appliance.

SuperNAS is a all in one network accessible storage / storage area network appliance inspired by FreeNAS and OpenFiler, through its web interface it offers the basic functionality required to setup: - iSCSI Target Servers - Fibre Channel Targets (LSiLogic / QLogic) - ZFS Filing Systems (single,dual,triple parity raid) - Offers Deduplication & Compression of Data. - "drobo like" drive capabilities. - AFP / SMB / NFS / iSCSI / SSHfs (via FUSE) Exportability.

Pulsaros - Pulsar OS - Linux based NAS/Homeserver distribution

Project home changed to PulsarOS is an Linux based Network-Attached Storage (NAS)/Homeserver distribution. The goal? To create a distribution like FreeNAS or Openfiler for home use. The philosophy? PulsarOS is kept simple. No need for thousands of configuration options. Upon release, PulsarOS will have just the necessary administration options to create a powerful NAS system @home. The best thing about PulsarOS? --minimal storage requirement! The installer needs 20Mb (32-

Imbsd - Embedded FreeBSD

To use freebsd on embedded processor. A variety of products are directly or indirectly based on FreeBSD. For instance, Juniper Networks routers (JUNOS), Ironport network security appliances (AsyncOS), Nokia’s firewall operating system (IPSO), NetApp’s OnTap GX, Panasas’s and Isilon Systems’s cluster storage operating systems, NetASQ security appliances and St Bernard i

splunk-amd64 - freenas pbi for splunk

freenas pbi for splunk