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A free OpenGL utility toolkit, the open-sourced alternative to the GLUT library.



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GLUI User Interface Library

GLUI is a GLUT-based C++ user interface library which provides controls such as buttons, checkboxes, radio buttons, and spinners to OpenGL applications. It is window-system independent, using GLUT or FreeGLUT.

Andrewboktor - My Projects

Just the project I implement on the way, I release them just in case they might help someone.

Mostly Harmless

The long term goal is to create an Elite or Frontier style space trading game. It is based on Chris Laurel`s Celestia, MySQL, Lua, plib and freeglut.

Ilo - Ilo 3D graphic engine

This project is my thesis! Ilo is a 3D graphic engine Programed in Python 2.6 programing language with OpenGL 3.0 graphics librily and QT4.5 framework. How to run (Ubuntu Linux): Install Subversion Install Python 2.6 Installing PyOpenGL ( Install standard development tools and language support... sudo aptitude install gcc freeglut3 libgle3 python-dev python-setuptools python-virtualenv Now the "real" packages sudo aptitude install p

Airbashframework - A simple C++ 2D game framework

IntroThe framework is designed to allow quickly throwing together the basics required for a game. It uses a number of open source libraries to provide most of the actual features and provides a number of simple helper class that can be used to initialize these external libraries and also handle some basic requirements of any game. The basic concept is to quickly throw up the base on which to build any game or application that requires of core items of the framework with as little configuration a

M1zut4m4 - My personal OpenGL/freeglut demoscene source code. Enjoy!

My personal demoscene source code. Here you can find some source code in C/C++ using OpenGL and Freeglut.

Box2dx - Box2DX is a C# port of Box2D - 2D Physics Engine.

Box2DX is a C# port of Box2D - Erin Catto's 2D Physics Engine. You can find original C++ version on Collision: Continuous collision detection. Contact callbacks: add, persist, remove. Convex polyons and circles. Multiple shapes per body. One-shot contact manifolds. Incremental sweep-and-prune broadphase. Efficient pair management. Fast broadphase AABB queries. Collision groups and categories. Physics: Continuous physics with time of impact island solver. Persistent body-joint-conta