FreeFrame Open Video Plugin System

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FreeFrame is the open-source cross-platform real-time video effects plugin system for VJ softwares. FreeFrame is now well supported by most major VJ titles. More information on the home page:



Related Projects


FFRend is a Renderer for FreeFrame plugins. It allows you to chain any number of plugins together, automate their parameters using oscillators, and record the output to an AVI file. The input is a video, still image, or source plugin.

Ezofxlibs - A collection of useful openFrameworks libraries.

A collection of useful openFrameworks libraries. Currently includes ofxTiledTexture and ofxFreeFrame.


Soul Fresh FreeFrame Plugins for FreeFrame compatible hosts. For more information about Soul Fresh, see

Money Shot

Money$hot (M$) is a realtime video special effects/switcher program for people with more than one webcam. M$ uses DirectShow on WinXP/Vista as a compositing engine. M$ can capture, composite, transform (using FreeFrame, etc.), and stream.

Syphon-implementations - Plugins and other implementations using the Syphon Framework

Syphon is a framework for sharing video between applications on MacOS X. This project hosts some plugins and other Syphon implementations. The second public beta is now available. Read about the changes and grab the downloads. The framework project is at The Syphon website is at You can receive e-mail notifications of all activity on the Syphon projects by joining the syphon-dev-activity mailing list. There is a low-volume list f

Ofxffglplugin - openFrameworks addon for compiling FreeFrameGL plugins

DetailsThis is a openFrameworks addon for creating FFGL (FreeFrameGL 1.5) plugins, and to easily convert openFrameworks apps to FFGL plugins. To create your own ofFFGLPlugin project:Download and unzip openFrameworks v0.061 for Visual Studio or Xcode Download and unzip ofxFFGLPluginAddon Copy the /addons/ofxFFGLPlugin directory to the /addons directory of openFrameworks. Copy the /apps/addonsExamples to th

ofxFreeFrame - FreeFrame addon for openFrameworks

FreeFrame addon for openFrameworks

LoH-LiveVideo - puredata video processing pd-extended+gem+freeframe

puredata video processing pd-extended+gem+freeframe

Pure-Data---Freeframe-Modules - Patches for using Pete Warden's Petes Plugins for Pure Data

Patches for using Pete Warden's Petes Plugins for Pure Data