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An XML based Java 2 Enterprise Forum Solution for webmaters. FreeForums uses CSS, DHTML and JavaScript for rendering pages and can be changed to suit the needs of every website. FreeForums also features a Desktop client for MS-Windows.



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Wordpress-custom-content-type-manager - Turns WordPress 3.x into a Content Management System

OverviewThis plugin was created in part for the book WordPress 3 Plugin Development Essentials published by Packt Publishing. The Custom Content Type Manager (or CCTM) plugin allows WordPress 3.x users to create, extend, and manage custom content types (a.k.a. post types) and their fields like a true CMS. You can define and standardize custom fields for any content type, including checkboxes, textareas, and dropdowns. Developers can also create their own types of fields. Custom fields can be add

Moon-emu - Moon Eumlator World of Warcraft Emulator

MoonEmu-Moon Emulator is World of Warcraft Emulator based on last revision of WoWD or First Revision of Antrix Emulator.MoonEmu is totally new look at emulation. Features: WotlK Support Clean Codes Good Developers Stable Most Game Features supported Join us on Forums!

Notredam - an open source digital asset management platform

About NotreDAMPlease visit Any questions ?Visit (or possibly join) the support forum at: Would you like to be involved ?Please contact us at About the issue trackerThe status of the issues listed in the issue tracker refers to the code in the trunk. If you would like to be notified about changes in the issue tracker you can request to join the related mailing list:

Tribalwarsenhancerbeta - Tribalswars Enhancer Beta Source Code

IntroductionDiscuss and comment on this script at: TribalWars does not allow this script, all usage of this script is on your own account and responsibility. The TWE crew does NOT take responsibility if you get banned for using it. To install latest Beta click on this link. YOU MUST UNINSTALL PREVIOUS VERSION WITH UNINSTALL PREFERENCES SELECTED Lastest changes are now shown her

Free-forum - This is a free opensource blog application to be used as a personal blog.

This is an opensource blog application built on spring and hibernate. This application can be hosted on Tomcat 6.0 + and any database like MySql, Oracle, HSQLDB etc.. To configure maven tomcat plugin see following article Use Following commands to build and deploy the projectmvn install mvn eclipse:eclipse -Dwtpversion=2.0 mvn tomcat:redeploy Technlogies usedSpring Hibernate Maven Sitemesh Jsp

Rlprospector - space exploration roguelike

A roguelike in spaceIn an unexplored sector of space humanity is trying to establish a permanent presence. Megacorporations employ freelance prospectors to find exploitable resources and map unknown planets for them. The player commands one of those scoutships, trying to become filthy rich as a prospector. More information to be found (soon) on the new Wiki Please help it grow! Prospector now has its own forum. If you got questions or comments, thats propably a good place to post them. You can f


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