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FreeEnergy is the PHP 5 framework for web applications using MySQL. The FreeEnergy methodology has been used to build applications for Autodesk, John Muir Health, AG Ferrari, Thrasher Magazine and many others.



Related Projects


FreeEOS is a Fortran library for calculating the equation of state using an efficient free-energy minimization technique that is suitable for physical conditions in stellar interiors.

Jpublish - JPublish provides a powerful system for managing your web site's content as well as y

JPublish is a Java web publishing framework which merges the Velocity, FreeMarker, StringTemplate or WebMacro templates with a content repository and application control framework. JPublish is designed to ensure a clean separation of developer roles. JPublish is loosely based on the FreeEnergy methodology. FreeEnergy was originally created by Leon Atkinson and others as described in his self-authored article Harnessing PHP's FreeEnergy. Essentially the FreeEnergy methodology was designed to hand

Sire - Molecular modelling and simulation package

SireMolecular modelling package in early developmental stageSire has been in development for 5 years. Development of Sire is slow and steady, and has been used to produce the science in many current and upcoming publications. Sire supports a wide range of different simulation methods (mainly Monte Carlo based) and forcefields (including QM/MM), and runs on a wide range of different systems (e.g. laptops to national supercomputers). If you are interested in taking a look and playing with a molecu

Theframeshiftkids - Keepin' track o' frameshift code (Beached Whale Frameshift)

Click below for good times by Hao Lian (shadytrees), Vivek Bhattacharya (nemosupport), and Daniel Vitek (drvitek), second place winners in the national Siemens Competition. You can download our presentation at the right. You can read the paper describing our model in lustrous detail with full references to biological literature as well as a cursory synthesis of physics, biology, mathematics, and angst. GSPtools is documented within the work-in-progress manual. NewsSee Changelog for details. Apri

Free-energy - Ab Initio Quantum Mechanics Simulations

An ab Initio quantum mechanics simulations package. This project is just getting started and there's no code publically available right now.

Indexg - Build index of GC, 2nd free energy, and occurrence for every slice along the whole genome

This bundle of softwares can build the index for GC content, free energy of secondary structure and repeat numbers for every window along a whole genome. The results can directly be used by our incoming ChIP-seq software-- MACS.

Protoms - Monte Carlo Free Energy Simulation Program

Program used to run Monte Carlo simulations of condensed phase systems. ProtoMS is a Monte Carlo free energy program, capable of performing complex simulations on a range of condensed-phase systems. It was placed under the GPL in 2005, and this site has been set up to support its continued development and existence. If you would like to start using ProtoMS, then please take a look at the "Downloads" section.

Goblin-cmu - Probabilistic Graphical Models for Molecular Modeling

Goblin is a java-based tool for molecular modeling. It models Boltzmann distributions using probabilistic graphical models. It can perform free energy calculations and in-silico mutations. Future releases will enable protein and drug design and include the java source. Goblin was developed by Hetunandan Kamisetty and Christopher Langmead from the Department of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University. Funding is gratefully acknowledged from the U.S. National Science Foundation and the Depa