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Real-time, modular, microkernel-based operating system under development for i386. The first goal is to support 32-bit DOS protected mode applications made with DJGPP as well as native applications.



Related Projects


uDOS is a free operating system built on the FreeDOS kernel with DJGPP. uDOS provides an integrated suite of features inluding Perl, Python, etc., as well as a Watt-32 based networking environment and ELF library support. Can be run live from CD image.

greenman simple kids platform game

A simple freedos kids platform game for use as a menu system or adaptation to a full game. The intention of the sourceforge project is to enhance it and port it to SVGALIB, X11 and MacOS/MacOSX/Win32.

Streamos - StreamOS - a free operating system

StreamOS - a free operating system written in Object Pascal using Free Pascal Compiler. It's based on FreeDOS, but StreamOS is 32-bit, multitasked OS. StreamOS is designed only for developers, not for users, and may be used by OS developers or in education.

Freeos1 - A Open Source Alternative to Windows with full windows and Linux compatibility

IntroductionThis page is for our free, GNU Public Licensed Operating System. We are planning to use FreeDOS as a base to our project and make it into a Free and Open Source Linux type OS, with Microsoft Windows compatibility using Wine, KernelEx, and ReactOS source code, where as it can run programs and drivers made for Windows XP on hardware that Windows cannot run on, such as PowerPC, MIPS, and ARM, and run Linux drivers and programs at the same time. We are also encouraging freelance and begi

Coffee-os - Working OS based off of Free Pascal compiler

A stable linux-based operating system built on FreePascal(and similar code). Borland code it seems is not needed nor easily blended in. Licensed GPLv3 and Modified BSD licensed.(DOUBLY FREE) I am using Pascal Pro compiler now as it uses a up-to-date DPMI layer sources (HxDPMI), which fixes and adresses several bugs in DPMI handling and 32-bit PE EXEs. It also updates the Borland RTM/RTM32 engine. Unfortunately the only way to use the handler on already build EXEs is to load resident, part of the

Xtideuniversalbios - XTIDE Universal BIOS

XTIDE Universal BIOSXTIDE Universal BIOS makes it possible to use modern large ATA hard disks or Compact Flash cards on old PC's. You can then enjoy quiet or noiseless drives with more capacity than you'll ever need for old computers. XTIDE Universal BIOS can be used on any IBM PC, XT, AT or 100% compatible system. On AT systems you can use any 16-bit ISA or VLB IDE or Multi I/O controller. For XT systems you can use XTIDE rev1 (not available anymore), XTIDE rev2 or JR-IDE/ISA. FeaturesSome of t