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Replacement for the global DNS network to allow users to freely control their own top level domains, instead of leaving it to corporations



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inadyn-mt - dynamic DNS client

inadyn-mt - inadyn, inadyn-advanced fork. A multi-OS (*NIX, BSD, NT,

Routedns - Web DNS Service

Web DNS Service for BIND 9. Writed on PHP, Perl and MySQL.

FreeDNS Updater

Free and convenient tool to update your dynamic DNS records on

Syncdev-cerberus - Cerberus Themes Set Web Interface Addon for Synchronet Bulletin Board Software

Welcome to Cerberus Themes Setfor Synchronet Bulletin Board SystemSummarySynchronet Bulletin Board System is a Multi-Protocol BBS Server created by Rob Swindell: Synchronet has several different versions for a variety of Operating System Platforms: Cerberus Themes Set is an addon for Synchweb (sometimes also coined as "Syncweb" which is a shorthand term for the "Synchronet Web Interface") which consists of a variety of brand new i

Dynamic FreeDNS IP Address Update Client

This php script stores all information in a mySQL database for maximum security, portability, and reliabliity. DynamicFreeDNS ip address updater only updates if your i.p. changes. Works with almost any dynamic dns provider. Can get your local i.p. from router or from external url. Web (php) based interface makes managing several domains with several update urls each manageable.

Dynamicupdate - A DDNS update client with plugin interface for ease of expansion to support multiple

Update: 2012/04/09 - If you would like Subversion access, it is currently being hosted elsewhere. Please contact the project administrator if you would like access DynamicUpdate is a tray application for Windows written in C#/.NET4. Upon WAN IP change, it automatically handles the update of DDNS records with the DDNS provider of your choice, depending on the plugins you have loaded and the settings you have chosen for the application and loaded plugins. The software makes use of a simple to use

FreeDNS-Updater - IP Updater script for FreeDNS (

IP Updater script for FreeDNS (

freedns - This is a package for pacman

This is a package for pacman

afraid_dns_update - Dynamic DNS updater for freeDNS.

Dynamic DNS updater for freeDNS.