Free Dictionaries

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Free translating dictionaries. Source format: TEI-P5 XML. Delivery formats: DICT, Stardict, etc. The dictionaries may include information on the pronunciation, etymology and such, in a platform-independent format. Access: web/plugins/standalone.



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RUS - ENG and ENG - RUS dictionary

A port of Freedict's freeware Russian - English and English - Russian dictionary to Linux (and possibly other POSIX operating systems)

Pys60dict - A dictionary browser for S60 3rd edition phones

ABOUTpys60dict is a browser for dictionaries in 'dictd' format written in Python. Files in this format are e.g. available from, WordNet, Jargon and lots of other places. The program can handle large dictionaries (e.g. WordNet, > 150.000 index entries, 8.5 MB compressed data, > 27MB uncompressed) quite well and quite fast, because its use of the 'dictzip' library and binary compiled indices. LICENSEsee LICENSES and COPYING REQUIREMENTSA device running S60 3rd edition. For this

dict-freedict - The free bilingual dictionaries for dictd

The free bilingual dictionaries for dictd