Mobile Freecell and Sudoku

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A Java / J2ME implementation of the popular Freecell card game and the popular Sudoku game. We support MIDP enabled mobile phones, and plan to expand and implement other games for mobile phones in the future.



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Jfc - java freecell

small java freecell game

Freecell-gadget - Freecell Google Gadget

This is the Freecell solitaire card game implemented in Javascript and wrapped up as a Google Gadget XML file.

Freecell4maemo - The classic Freecell cardgame for the Nokia "Maemo" platform (770, 800, 8

This project is dedicated to the implementation of the classic Freecell cardgame for the Nokia Maemo platform (i.e. Nokia 770, 800, 810). This implementation of Freecell is Powered by Python. Wikipedia has a great article about Freecell here: The installable .deb package is available on the "Downloads" tab. Make sure you have the following repositories enabled in your Application Manager on your 770, and then make sure you install python-2.5: http://reposito

Braingame - Small games

Open source, games for brain Small games by using wxPython Now sudoku and freecell games with solver are included. TAG (Take it And Give any to anyone) license. You have complete freedom to use code in this project.

Pyfreecell - use python, pygtk to create a classic game freecell

I like python, to learn it and master it, I decide to create a classic game freecell by python. It almost done, but still has a lot of small issues to resolve. I hope I could make a playable game. At last, I hope can make a version can running on Maemo.

Solitarius - Solitaire games in Scala

Solitarius is a collection of solitaire games written in Scala. For the moment it includes only FreeCell, Klondike and Spider. You can run Solitarius using Java Web Start. Solitarius is designed to make it easy to add new rulesets (all existing games are implemented in under 100 lines of code). As an example, below is the implementation of rules for FreeCell: package solitarius.rulesimport solitarius.general._import Pile.dealToPilesimport Utils.arrayOfclass FreeCellPile extends AlternateColorCas

Seahaven card game

Seahaven card game (often called Freecell). This is the version that can solves the game for you so you can find out if it is possible.


FreeCell BBC 012 UFSCar #XCS

Ianimejs - light-weight Javascript animation engine for PC and iPhone

iAnime.js is a ligh-weight Javascript animation engine that allows developers to implement action-heavy applications such as games, animations, and slideshows without Flash. iAnime.js is so small and efficient that even action games on Apple iPhone became practical. iFreecell is a fullly functional puzzle game for iPhone that takes advantage of light-weiht animation capability of iAnime.js. Please take a look at it (it runs on PC/Mac as well) to see what is possible with iAnime.js. If you have a