Free Agents DIDS

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Free Agents DIDS is a distributed intrusion detection system that you place on each host on your network. Agents intercommunicate with aes encryption, automatically alert you, and secure your network for free!



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This provides a Java REST client for the FreeAgentCentral API

Fatplus - Freeagent Theater Plus Mod Firmware

Custom firmware and modifications for the Seagate Freeagent Theater Plus Related project: Astone Realtek Players HOWTO: Roll Your Own Firmware chroot And Things Oleg Optware Installation

Sflgtc - Seagate FreeAgent Led and Timeout Controller for Linux

Control the Led and Idle timeout of the Seagate FreeAgent External Usb Disk ( tested on the 500GB one ) Based on libusb-1.0. May required changes if your arch is big endian. Let me know about that. Test Device: 0bc2:3008 Seagate RSS LLC Please, let me know if it worked, and better if it not. Would be glad to add support to other devices.

Astone - Modifications and Improvements for Astone Realtek Players

Modifications, Customised firmware and other tricks to improve Astone Realtek Media Players such as AP100, AP110D and AP330. Related projects that could be useful: Seagate Freeagent Theater Plus Consumer Electronics Hacker's Blog HOWTOS: Create Your Own Firmware

freeagent-node - A node wrapper for the Freeagent API.

A node wrapper for the Freeagent API.

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Grails plugin for the Freeagent API

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FreeAgent Time Manager