Open Source on the Xbox 360

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An effort towards porting Linux and related open source operating systems to the Xbox 360. Another goal is to write homebrew applications with a legal and free Software Development Kit consisting of the Library (LibXenon) and the appropriate cross-compiler toolchain (Xenon-Toolchain). You can get informations and Source-Code on the following Pages: Wiki: Forum: Source Code:



Related Projects


DNS progapation checker is program for linux and windows and uses ping command automatically every 60 seconds to see is DNS live. Can be minimized to systray and gives alert when DNS is propagated. Made in Lazarus amp; FreePascal by Aleksandar Josifoski


smib is probably one of the smallest and simpliest computer algebra system in the world, but simple does not mean simplistic. Using smib you can explore many branches of mathematics (e.g. number theory, algebra, calculus, numerical analysis, differential geometry, probability and stochastic calculus) and also some physics (e.g. electromagnetism and quantum mechanics).. By simple you can understand easy to program (smib is a weakly typed language, with strong affinity to recursivity, progra

Pys60ebookreader - An e-book reader for Symbian devices written in PyS60

This application can be used for reading e-books on Symbian touch devices (like Nokia 5800, N97). It uses PyS60 (Python for S60 devices) and it's rather small and simple program. Please feel free to fill issue tracker with bug reports and feature requests!

Svg3d - adding a third dimension to SVG pictures

FeaturesThat code permits the transformation of a SVG picture in a 3 dimensional space. The new coordinates are calculated and the result is projected on the screen, creating a 3D impression. The SVG can be declared in 3D. No codeYou will not be asked to write code in order to use that project, unless you want to build complex animations. All the standards features can be accessed from simple tags declarations, on the usual SVG tags. 3D declarationsFollowing svg will draw the back face of the ro

Pymisron - pyMisron - Uses icq gateway to send sms using the icq server.

pyMisronWhy to use a gateway and not connect the icq servers? because this way its possible to use the limited free gprs/wap connections which allow connections to http ports only. Why to use a tool and not the web browser and use an some php page ? because the tool will let you choose a number from your contacts. current gateway used is that gateway is scripted in a way only numbers in israel will work. sorry for the other for now. i'll upload a gateway somewhere later. if so

Sventon - Subversion repository web browser

Welcome to the sventon project!sventon is a free, open source, web client for browsing Subversion repositories. It is powerful, straightforward to use, and super easy to install. sventon is a pure Java application, all you need to run it is a Java SE 6 runtime and a Servlet 2.4/JSP 2.0 compliant webserver, such as Tomcat 6.0. Installation is truly simple, we will have you up and running in no-time! For more information, please see

Fixxphp - Set of PHP class's to interact with Fixx issue / bug tracking system

FixxPHP allows you to connect with the restful API of your fixx issue and bug tracking installation. Currently theres only about 60% api coverage all of which are read only get request, however I'm looking to get write and update working very soon Download a fully functional version of fixx from Its Free for three users with no time limits or restrictions. The current code works with version 1.9 of the API

Eagle-beak - An URL rewrite utility for J2EE

This is a simple URL rewrite utility for J2EE written by myself. Feel free to enjoy it~ Sorry that I don't have enough time to write an user guide of my URLRewrite util. But if you can read Chinese, here is an article and example project where can be found here:

Pyscrobbler - AudioScrobbler bindings for Python

Base classes for posting to accounts and querying the public web services provided by Audioscrobbler. Update 7th February 2010This project has now moved to Update 28th August 2009Fixed error in docstring Added Martin Hatfield's patch for UTF-8 encoding on Symbian S60 Update 7th June 2009Altered the license to BSD - would like to be as free as possible Fixed issue with slashes in band names

Skyexplorer - It is a file manager for Symbian S60 phone written in Python

What is Sky Explorer? It is a file manager for Symbian S60 phone, (2nd & 3rd edition supported) similar to FExplorer, a freeware which I recommend. It is written in Python using PythonS60 developed by Nokia, and is open source. (In fact, this is my 1st open source project) It features all basic file operations like: navigation and file display cut, copy, paste, rename, delete, search sending files via bluetooth, email, mms. Additionally, it supports zip archive and extract screenshot application