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HP-42S Calculator Simulator



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Gammu-php - Web based GUI for gammu on Linux

An alpha GUI to easily browse your cellphone files, download/upload photos, ringtones, graphics etc. I'm playing with my nokia 3220 and 2 CA-42/DKU-5 USB cables, but this must work with any cellphone supported by gammu. In order to get this code working, you have to: configure properly your .gammurc, put a copy of .gammurc in gammu-php path provide the right *nix permissions to user www-data for read /dev/XXXXX and execute gammu Feel free to report your results to fernando at gmail dot com, Gamm


The Ruby Primer is a free, open and interactive e-book published on the RubyMonk platform.

Continuity-perl - Continuation centric web application library for Perl

Please see the main Continuity website at its core the web uses the stateless HTTP protocol. In a CGI setting, this effectively means that your program is re-started during each instance of user input, losing all current variable values and other program state information. Most applications combat this by keeping track of the current application state in GET, POST, and session variables, effectively implementing an ad-hoc State Machine.Continuity uses a programming

Collaborative-manipulation-of-animations - Browser based Collaborative Manipulation of (SVG) Animati

CMA is an attempt to a build and extensible collaborative browser based performance tool. It allows parameterised SVG based animations to be controlled and combined by many people at once and for them to be watched by many people as well. This uses a combination of HTML SVG PHP javascript COMET jsontemplate SMIL HTML5 video, audio and other browser technologies. This is part of the Access Space Tools Project and was featured in the LoveBytes 2010 Tools & Techniques (OpenOffice,org presentation)

Osdab - C++ and Qt code snippets

Bug Fix: Encryption should be working on 64bit GNU Linux systems as well now. Bug Fix: The Jan 29th release contained a bug causing entries to be flagged with the wrong compression level. Bug Fix: A serious bug causing files stored with no compression to be corrupted has been fixed. ---- What is The OSDaB Project?The OSDaB Project is a collection of (hopefully) useful C++ and Qt code snippets, tips, tricks and whatever could be useful for software developers. All the source code available from t

Traviancompanion - Travian Companion Selenium Edition

Travian Companion assists a Travian game player one-on-one. In the Travian game, a player's resources or armies can only be delivered in a specific time. Most of the other time, the player is just waiting, waiting, and waiting. When the player has a companion, the companion will take over all the boring tasks. The player has the ability to focus on designing a strategic goal and pursue that goal. The goal can be building a level 10 crop field, destroying the enemies, helping allies, attacking WW

Objective-hypergraph - Objective-C implementation of a data structure for hyper-graphs

Objective-C lacks some basic data structure representations that other languages do have, among them graphs (and its derivatives). For this reason, this project aims at creating an abstract representation of not just graphs but their foremost abstraction, that is, hyper-graphs, based on the great implementation in Java achieved in this other project The goal is to provide a simple API for everyone to use in their Cocoa/CocoaTouch projects when creating/managing (la

Rapidleech - Rapidleech v2.3

Welcome to source code tracking site for Rapidleech v2.3What is Rapidleech?Rapid Leech is a free server transfer script for use on various popular upload/download sites such as, and more than 45 others. The famous Rapidleech script transfers files from Rapidshare, Megaupload,,, etc, via your fast servers connection speed and dumps the file on your server. You may then download these files from your server anytime later. Rapidleech scr

Gash - GigaSpaces Advanced Shell

A command shell into a GigaSpaces grid. Commands like 'ls', 'cd', 'top', etc can be used to get information from the grid. Commands: When not connected: exit \tExits the application help \tShows this help info mount \tMounts a GigaSpaces grid using lookupgroups and lookuplocatorsWhen connected: cd \tChanges current working location. close \tCloses the connection to the grid. exit \tExits the application help \tShows this help info ls \tLists spaces. select \tSelects from a space. services\tShow

Exports - Portmenu - Program for developers to work around PORTS TREE.

Introduction.We have many programs to do various tasks around a PORT or UPDATE, but we have much work to do also around that. Is another options to do more easy the developers life's, and decrease all work around the PORT. Portmenu 1.0 BETAThe portmenu is distributed for some people. Period of BETA testing: Started on: 12/01/2008 End on: 31/01/2008 Beta TestersGabor Kovesdan <gabor at> Hungary. Ion-Mihai Tetcu <itetcu at> Romania. Jean Milanez Melo <jmelo at> Brazil. Marcus Alves Grando <mnag at