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free2bind a suite of general purpose bioinformatics tools for computing the minimum free energy (the most stable) binding between two separate RNA molecules.



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gSOAP Toolkit

Development toolkit for Web services and XML data bindings for Camp;C++

Php-netcdf - NetCDF bindings for PHP5

NetCDF bindings for PHP5. Development phases: adding wrappers for as many as possible native netCDF functions converting native netCDF interface into more PHP-friendly (+object-oriented) interface The source is distributed under terms of either: the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation, version 2, or the GNU Lesser General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation, version 2.1

Data-table-data-source - ASP.NET data source allowing for 2 way binding of a datatable to a data bou

I am actively looking for some help to add some functionality to this, anyone interested feel free to contact me, Use for 2 way binding with a data bound control and a DataTable as a data source. NOTE: changes made to data via data bound control are only updated to the DataTable NOT the database that will need to be maintained in code for now. Implementation: 1) add project reference to dll 2) in web config add: <pages> <controls> <add tagPrefix="wab" namespace="WorkAByte" as

Caddd - 3D cross platform CAD system

CADDD (the three D's represent 3D) aims to be a 3D open source cross platform CAD system. It is currently in its infancy. Building block programs will be hosted here to aid in the journey to the final product. Update: The bulk of all required technologies have been integrated together in The OpenCASCADE Challenge! Feel free to download and try it out. Utilized Libraries: Python 2.6.5 (Programming Language) OpenCASCADE 6.3 (Modelling/Visualization) PYTHONOCC 0.4 (Python OpenCASCADE Bindings) Qt 4

gtk2 for pascal

GTK2 for pascal are the bindings for pascal to use the gtk2 libraries (gimp tool kit). Supported Languages are FreePascal and Kylix. They will work under Linux, FreeBSD and Win32. Included: libglade2.

Lasso - C library aiming to implement the Liberty Alliance standards (ID-FF 1.2, ID-WSF, SAML 2.0, .

Lasso is a free software C library aiming to implement the Liberty Alliance standards; it defines processes for federated identities, single sign-on and related protocols. Lasso is built on top of libxml2, XMLSec and OpenSSL and is licensed under the GNU General Public License (with an OpenSSL exception). We strongly recommend the use of the GNU General Public License each time it is possible. But for proprietary projects, that wouldn't want to use it, we designed a commercial license. Lasso fir

Starcraft2replay - Startcraft 2 replay parser

Starcraft 2 Replay ParserThis is a Starcraft 2 Replay (.SC2Replay) parser written in C++. We also have bindings for PHP and Python which means you can parse replays on any web site. DEADThis project is officially dead, if anyone wants to take up development again, contact me at NOTEPATCH 9: Since patch 9 Blizzard changed the replay system completely. The parser does currently NOT work for replays from this patch and forward. We are working hard on solving this. Thank you for

Extpascal - Ext JS wrapper for Object Pascal

ExtPascal is an Object Pascal (FreePascal/Lazarus and Delphi) wrapper/binding for Ext JS, a complete GUI Ajax framework, made in JavaScript, for Rich Internet Application (RIA) development. ExtPascal lets you use Ext JS from Object Pascal commands issued by the server. It brings the structure and strict syntax of the Object Pascal for programming the web browser. ExtPascal will wrap JointJS into future releases. FeaturesSupports Ext JS 3.2.1. Ext JS 2.3.0 is functional but the support is depreca

Multirpc - PHP library for multiple remote procedures calling by encrypted and compressed protocol

Usage exampleServerclass A {\tpublic $a1;\tpublic $a2;\tpublic function __construct($a1 = null, $a2 = null) {\t\t$this->a1 = $a1;\t\t$this->a2 = $a2;\t}\tpublic function setA1($a1) {\t\t$this->a1 = $a1;\t}\tpublic function sum($a1, $a2) {\t\treturn $a1 + $a2;\t}\tpublic static function concat($a1, $a2) {\t\treturn $a1 . $a2;\t}\tpublic function getObject() {\t\treturn $this;\t}\tpublic static function getInstance() {\t\treturn new A();\t}\tpublic function getNull() {\t\treturn null;\t}}$server =