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The free-vision project aims at creating a library for computer vision related functions, including camera capture interface, stereo, image processing, camera calibration and so on.



Related Projects

Scilab Image Processing Toolbox

SIP is the image processing and computer vision package for SciLab, a free Matlab-like programming environment. SIP reads/writes images in formats like JPEG, PNG, and BMP. It does filtering, segmentation, edge detection, morphology, and shape analysis.

Web-content-extract - auto extract main content in a web page

Function:Auto extract main content in a web page DEMO: The whole source code is a vision deployed on GAE with app-engine-patch( Any suggestions and comments are welcomed,feel free to send mail to l0he1g at gmail.

Ebasys - Electronic Business Automation System

Project is suspendedOpen Source web platform for business automation and software integration. Project is currently at planning phase. Please read the Vision to find out the details. Feel free to join the EBASYS Dev mailing list if you have any questions or if you are willing to join the development process.

Python Computer Vision Framework

The Python Computer Vision Framework is an opened project deisgned for all those interested in computer vision. It aims at making computer vision more easy and structured and matlab-free. It may also be used for other artistic and scientific areas.

Appleseedapp - Opensource Enterprise CMS/Portal Platform on Microsoft.NET Technologies

Appleseed Portal is an initiative to produce a free enterprise CMS and Portal engine. The source code wast started from IBUYSPY/Rainbow Portal (2003) and builds on their tradition of simple install, design, and extension. Our project runs with a for profit vision but produces a free product. Tasks are assigned to our developers which they can either do for free or get paid for their services. The result is a well produced ( and QA'ed ) piece of software by software professionals given for free t

Google-summer-of-code-2009-worldforge - A project for Google Summer of Code students working on Worl

The WorldForge project creates multiplayer online roleplaying games. Our vision is to foster an independent community in which many free games can develop and evolve with unique roleplaying-oriented worlds and rules, running on a wide selection of server and client implementations with a standard networking protocol tying everything together. Our core focus is the construction of a complete system with all the tools, technology, content and artwork required to build complex persistent online vir

Irtvo - iRacing TV Overlay

iRacing TV OverlayiRTVO is a add-on application for online racing simulator. Application works on top of the sim showing a TV style video overlay which then can be captured and streamed to the Internet. simulator .NET Framework 4.0 Windows Vista/7 with Aero1 1 It's possible to run on older versions of Windows and/or without Aero but performance will suffer greatly. Broadcasters using iRTVOTrellet Liga IVR Web Racing Network RTV Protege Vision Neosca Vision RCR

Aforge - AForge.NET Framework

Visit official AForge.NET Framework's website for all the latest information about the project. AForge.NET Framework is a C# framework designed for developers and researchers in the fields of Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence - image processing, neural networks, genetic algorithms, machine learning, robotics, etc. The framework is comprised by the set of libraries and sample applications, which demonstrate their features: AForge.Imaging - library with image processing routines and filt

Blurredengine - 3D game engine

A free 3D game engine for windows development written in C++. This engine was used during production of the games "Qb" and "Chaos Theory", both developed by blurredVision. The 3D engine is based on DirectX 9.0c for rendering and uses OpenAL as Sound System. There is a scripting part using LUA 5.1. Included is a 2D GUI that provides all the basic 2D GUI elements, including windows, buttons, menus, dropdowns, lists and many more. The 3D rendering itself still uses a lot of pure DirectX code, which

Myrobotlab - Open Source Java Framework for Robotics and Creative Machine Control

myrobotlab A service based multi-threaded Java framework for robotics and creative machine control I for one, welcome our new robot overlords GUI enabled Capable of supporting multi-threaded tasks Capable of multi-process communication and distributed solutions Utilizes other open source projects for functionality Supports serial communication to Arduino and soon other micro-processors Services include Machine Vision from OpenCV and javacv Speech Recognition from Sphinx 4 Joystick control from j