Free Cell Phone Ring Tones

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Do you pay for ring tones on your cellphone? Well the idea here is to make a web based application for all platforms that can be used to upload your own music and convert it from .mp3 format to ring tone format and send it to your phone in a text message



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Ichange - change ring tone, in random manner

As i dont like change a lot, I am on the system requirement analysis, of Project "iChange" I have selected the language, I am gonna use use PPL (pocket programming language) But as I came over here, i saw android, let give one chance to android also. I am little bit confused that i should use Database, As my plan is to have at least 5 different ringtone, so my application can change them, Timely.. I have planned for SQLite, i wanna know that is there need of Data base or not. yup that is all dep