The free-ria development library

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free-ria is a project giving Rich Internet Application developers an improved and friendly tool to develop applications fouml;r the web as for the desktop. It is a fork of qooxdoo.



Related Projects

Exteditor - Ext Editor - A WYSIWYG editor for the Ext JS framework

Ext EditorExt Editor is intended to be a WYSIWYG editor for constructing RIAs using the ExtJS framework. Getting Ext EditorThere are currently no releases for this project. I don't even think it works right now. If you would like to look at the code, go right ahead. Helping OutIf anyone would like to help out on this project, please feel free to contact me.

Opensutils-br4j - OpenSutils-BR4J

OpenSutils-Br4JOpen + Source + Utils + Brazil + For + Java Portuguese-BrEste projeto foi criado para centralizar funcionalidades utilitárias, que são usados constantemente por nós, desenvolvedores. Este projeto é gratuito, e a idéia é armazenar classes criadas por qualquer pessoa e que possam ser reutilizadas em qualquer projeto. As contribuições serão bem recebidas, desde que tenha sido realizado testes de unidade a fim de evitar bugs. Este projeto terá 100% de compatibilidade com as

Extpascal - Ext JS wrapper for Object Pascal

ExtPascal is an Object Pascal (FreePascal/Lazarus and Delphi) wrapper/binding for Ext JS, a complete GUI Ajax framework, made in JavaScript, for Rich Internet Application (RIA) development. ExtPascal lets you use Ext JS from Object Pascal commands issued by the server. It brings the structure and strict syntax of the Object Pascal for programming the web browser. ExtPascal will wrap JointJS into future releases. FeaturesSupports Ext JS 3.2.1. Ext JS 2.3.0 is functional but the support is depreca

Zkgrails - ZK plugin for Grails

ZKGrails: ZK plugin for GrailsZKGrails is a plugin for the next generation rapid Web development framework, Grails. Based on ZK, one of the leading RIA frameworks, ZKGrails adds and enhances its RIA development capabilities and seamlessly integrates it with Grails' infrastructures. This results in an advanced RIA framework featuring direct AJAX and convention-over-configuration. Every 4 months, each major version of ZKGrails will be released. It is licensed under LGPL. It's always opensourced an

Opensftp - Open SFTP Utilities

Open SFTP Utilities Ease Your Work with SFTP by Using OpenSFTP OpenSFTP provides a FREE and HANDY set of utilities in pure Java designed to ease your work with SFTP. OpenSFTP consists of three low-coupling parts: OpenSftp-api. A well designed set of API. OpenSftp-impl. A reference implementation. Pluggable, configurable, and customizable modules, which are now represented in the forms of interceptors and listeners. It's platform-independent, programmer-friendly, customizable, configurable and co

Extthemebuilder - Theme Builder for ExtJS

This is a Theme Builder for ExtJS framework. It allows to construct a theme and to unload it. It is based on displacement of colours or other css properties of theme's elements. The elements are Base Color, Header Color, Background color, Border color, Header Font, Font, Window transparency, Toolset (Default, Vista, TargetProcess, Graphite). Theme builder for ExtJS now supports next ExtJS versions: 3.3, 3.2, 3.1, 3.0, 2.3. Feel free to send me any questions or suggestions to sergchentsov@gmail.c

Qxpascal - Pascal wrapper for Qooxdoo framework

Inspired by ExtPascal project, we're trying to create a similar project for Qooxdoo framework. This project will be using FreePascal (FPC) compiler and Lazarus IDE, utilizing FPC's fpWeb framework as the backend/remote engine. Compatibilty with Delphi is planned but not become a priority. Wrappers for other useful JS libraries such as Raphaël (vector drawing) or CodeMirror (code editor) is also planned for future releases. Our long term goal is to create a complete RAD web IDE (Delphi/Lazarus-l

Ahy - Ahy is a pure java CMS that try to free us from javascript and browser's incompatibilities

Ahy - A Pure Java CMS"For those tired of 'browser wars' and suffering." We are just on the beginning, you are welcome to join us. Our main goals: Run on Jboss App Server. Database Independence (with JPA). Scalability (with EJB3). No javascript allowed and no Browser specific-code. Must have: One pure html interface (allowing sites to be found by search engines and be accessed by old devices) One rich interface, with drag n drog and everything else we deserve (JavaFX). A rich admin module, extrem

Iwl - A widget library for the web

IWL: a perl widget library for rapid RIA development The initial goal behind the development of IWL was to reduce the HTML strings inside Perl code. With time however, the library has grown beyond that goal, and now provides a Perl interface to the excellent Prototype JS library, full remote process communication via AJAX, and a complete set of graphical user interface widgets via an API similar to that of Gtk+. IWL in the GithubThe IWL source has moved in the Github. As a result, the Google Cod

Slf4fx - open source suite for integration flex 3 logging api with java logging frameworks

SLF4Fxis the opensource framework that allows to integrate Flex logging API on client side with many java logging frameworks on server side. The idea behind is simple. On client side we have LoggingTarget that sends all log records to slf4fx server written on java. The server utilizes Simple Logging Facade for Java (SLF4J) for routing all incoming records to supported java logging framework. The list of supported frameworks includes all well-known logging frameworks. They provide many ways for f