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You might know tags as they are used in gmail, delicious.com or last.fm. They let you categorize your items in multiple ways. The files on your computer can be categorized in only one way, because you store them in a folder and that's it. It would be great if there was an easy way to store the same file in multiple folders at the same time, wouldn't it? Well, Tags allows you to do exactly that on the mac. Create new Tags by duplicating and renaming the Mother Tag. Drag your file or folder on top of a Tag icon to add it to that Tag. Double-click a Tag to view all items that you added to it. Remove items from a Tag by dragging them to the Trash. Or remove the Tag itself by dragging it to the Trash. Tags are just like folders in many ways; you can even tag Tags! The software works on Mac OS X 10.4 and all higher versions. Have a look at the screenshots to inspire you, and make sure to read the Readme that is included with the download, because it's really helpful.




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Video4fuze - A tool to make easier putting videos on the fuze withot Sansa Media Converter

Based on ewelot's findings on sansa forums, I've done a little GUI app. which will let you convert your videos to a format readable by our beloved fuze. Video explaining how to use video4fuze New: for those who wanted it, now there's a zip compiled archive for download. It has support for a wide range of video formats (the same as mencoder, as it uses mencoder as a backend) and should work on all nix systems and windows. The universal tar.bz2 archive requires python, mencoder, ffmpeg, PyQt4 and