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A recreation of the desktop-environment of Windows(r) 3.1 in perl for the X-Windows system.



Related Projects

Yet Another Music Application - A simple approach to music in DotNet

Stoffi Music Player is a new beautiful, integrated, compact & free music player. Stoffi focuses on consolidating the key features spread over various music players into one unified music player. It is also aimed at being simple but powerful at the same time. It has youtube support, Equalizer with echo effect, Remote control, Queue your music, Song bookmark and lot more.


iView.NET is a light weight open source free to use and redistribute image viewer, manager and editor software application all rolled into one.

Ldap-exchange-onebox - LDAP user / Exchange free/busy schedule OneBox

This OneBox for Enterprise module for the Google Search Appliance will return users' names and phone numbers from an LDAP directory and return users' free and busy time scheduling information from a Microsoft Exchange Server (OWA). It is implemented in C# as a .NET web service. See the README for more details. The project is available for Download here.

Bsd-sharp - FreeBSD ports for Mono applications and libraries.

BSD#The BSD# Project is devoted to porting and maintaining the Mono .NET framework and applications for FreeBSD. The repository currently contains FreeBSD ports for the framework, libraries and third parties applications released, that are not in the main FreeBSD ports tree, with the intent that they will be intergrated ones they are ready. The project aims to act as a central testing point for porting new releases for introducing new applications, and for testing framework wide changes that wil

Resolver - Spreadsheets and Python code for working with Resolver.

Resolver One is a Rapid Application Development tool with a spreadsheet interface. It is written in, and completely scriptable with, IronPython (Python for the Microsoft .NET framework). This project hosts the code and spreadsheets used on the Resolver Hacks website - which shows how to get the best from Resolver One (and have fun). Resolver One, currently Windows only, is free for non-commercial use. You can download it from Resolver Systems.

Sicha - SiCha - Simple Chart Framework

SiCha - Simple Chart FrameworkVersion: 0.132This is a Simple Chart Framework. SiCha is a free software framework for computer desktops, based on the Microsoft .NET. It allows developers to write code to create Charts. I made this to implement one tool using object oriented concepts.

Skeletons-net - Graphics Skeletons Editor for .NET (or Mono?)

Very early stage prototype parts for an ambitious 2D project (that will eventually be hosted here one day ;) At the moment is just an edit window that gives you the ability to draw bones, connect them, set the joint parameters, and no much more. Going for rigging now... Feel free to use this code in any way. If wishing to contribute or just email me: mesco64<at>gmail<dot>com

Art2png-vbnet - A Duke3D batch .ART converter with a full-bodied command line interface.

One of my main gripes with eDuke32 and the original Duke3D is there is not any decent, modern art tools for x64 OSes such as Windows 7 x64, which my rig uses. While EDITART.EXE is still some people's choice, it doesn't work at all. BastART is buggy. DukeRES is too. No decent art tools exist for the modern Duke mod specialist. This fixes that. This is the art2png - VB.NET. This uses FreeImageDotNet and the FreeImage DLL, coupled with my own programming, to export .ART files to a series of indexed

Dotplant - PHP CMS based on Yii framework

dotPlant is a free open-source PHP Content Managment System(CMS) based on Yii Framework. For future plans look here. Next release: BraveSparrow - alpha on 15 Feb 2010. We are planning to write Scaffolding extension. Now, we have prototype of this extension called NetPlant and one example schema file(schema.test.xml). Actual todo list is here. PS: plz, don't ask me to upload database dump. It'll be uploaded by the date of alpha release.

Freesab - FreeSky Super Account Book

Super Account Book - A demo project with all technologies! This is a All-in-One Technology Research Project. This project will create a series of toolkit, like Notebook,Account Book, etc. But the main purpose is not the toolkit itself. The main purpose of this project is to try and research different technologies. So I will create a same toolkit with different technologies. Currently this project mainly includes JAVA and .NET technology. Details could be found here. Jacky Chou 2010.5.22