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free-babylon is a dictionay which use the all web dictionarys as source.You need only to mark the word which you would like translate and click at you middle maus button. that'a all. You can add any web dictionary you like.



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Babel quickly free traduction services by pressing a hotkey

Instant solution for translation a word content in clipboard based on consuming public web services of translation like Babylon or RAE spanish academy. Activate quickly by pressing a keyboard hotkey

Rastamon-jahs-exodus - 2-D Platform / Action / Shooter game.

Rastamon: Jah's Exodus Type: Rastamon: Jah's Exodus is fast-paced 2-D platform styled game for Microsoft Windows (2k, XP, Vista). Story: The main character, Rastamon, was highly involved in the political fight against babylon (government corruption). As a result, a corrupt government official "Macka Pollytrick" framed him for the murder of his wife, as well as imprisoning 7 other rastas involved in the struggle. Eventually Rastamon breaks out of prison. Armed with only his fists at first, he sta