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FRanc's Editor. This is mainly a programmer editor. It will have mainly the same feeling as DOS Navigator's editor, but it will know much more than this.



Related Projects

Scarlib - A cross-platform JNI library to emulate SCARs API which java does not support.

Grab what you want from the Source tab. Right now it only works with xlib. Hopefully others will help me with this! See for more information about SCAR.

Ec09battle - Fey, Freddie and Jeppes java project

This is a java school project where we make a sinkship game. We need a gui, a chat, a highscore and that its supposed to work online.

Fredgame - A fabulous first effort to create an exciting text adventure.

As Ben Samson a young page boy you will quest for glory in the land of Arcandale.... The story is based on a fantasy version of Medieval Britain with mythical beasts taken from other famous stories. You join a party of knights to investigate the King's death and the abduction of the King's son by savage Furies. You use text based input/output to give commands and have conversations with characters combined with a picture display to visually represent the world. This gameplay allows the player to

Mashup-freddy-lecue-helloworld - My App

Created with the Google Mashup Editor.

Mashup-freddy-lecue-mashupmap - MashupMap

Created with the Google Mashup Editor.

Mashup-freddy-lecue-mashupmaptest - MashupMapTest

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Mashup-freddy-lecue-mymashup - MyMashup

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