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FreeReportBuilder is a free java report tool, it allow you to create quickly a simple report.



Related Projects

Compiladorlexico - Trabalho de compiladores - Alalisador Lexico

Trabalho de Compiladores 2008.1 -FRB Parte 1: Construir Analisador Lexico

SARK100 SWR Analyzer

The SARK100 SWR Analyzer ( is a measurement instrument which determines antenna system performance across the HF/6M amateur bands through use of automatically collected SWR and complex impedance readings.

My-frb-practice - 关于FlatRedBall的练习


Tehrpg2 - RPG Engine created using FRB

Using the FlatRedBall graphics engine, TehRPG creates a simple and elegant method of creating simple RPG's with multiple areas, warps, and static buildings.

Pos-camada-frb - Trabalho para Camadas na Pós

trabalho que implementa o aprendido em sala de aula na matéria de camadas

Osgboostpython - boost.python bindings for OpenSceneGraph

boost.python bindings for OpenSceneGraph. Hand-written to hopefully be more optimized, and also to be able to offer a more python-esque view of the OSG data structures. See the README.txt file in the sources for how to build and use the wrappers. They are still very much a work in progress, but basic things work well. For example, we can translate osg::createTexturedQuadGeometry() which is in src/osg/Geometry.cpp almost literally to Python: # As a test of the capacity to create osg::Geometry thr

frbn - FRB Notification Testing

FRB Notification Testing

R-FRBData - Download data from FRB's website

Download data from FRB's website

frbn_android - FRB Notification Android Application

FRB Notification Android Application

frbn_server - FRB Notification Server Application

FRB Notification Server Application