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Fhame Rashid MSc Software Engineering Module Log: Web-Scripting and Content Creation




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protoype project for the final project for WSCC .

WSCC 2013 Assignment 1 - Addition of Two Numbers

This project is a repository for my WSCC course at the University of Hertfordshire. It provides the user with an interface for Integer and/or Decimal addition.

Shin Warrior Players Union

This is a ASP.NET Web 2.0 Project for WSCC coursework.


This is a repository for my project in the University of Hertfordshire

Deliverymail - WebMail client for DAW

DeliveryMail is a WebMail client, developed by Rashid Herce Azar and Gonzalez Francisco, both Computer Science (Licenciatura en Informática)students at La Plata Senior College (UNLP), for Web Applications Design Teaching Department (DAW).

Zinba - Zero Inflated Negative Binomial Algorithm

Welcome to the ZINBA website! Please join our Google Group to stay up to date with the latest information regarding ZINBA. We have now updated ZINBA to version 2.02.03 containing a few stability improvements. To report new bugs/issues, please submit an issue report on the "issues" page (google account is needed). ContentsWiki: Installation: ZINBA installation information Running ZINBA: Tutorial on how to run ZINBA Post Analysis: What to expect after running ZINBA Downloads: Section for downloads

Q-team-production-database - Q-TEAM Production | Mengutamakan Kualitas

Sebagaimana tubuh, hati dan pikiran juga membutuhkan nutrisi serta kesejukan. Kesibukan sehari-hari yang begitu padat terkadang membuat kita melupakan hal tersebut. Q-TEAM Production mencoba menghadirkan beberapa alternatif media digital untuk memberi kesejukan hati dan pikiran berupa koleksi Murottal Qur’an, Motivasi, dan Aplikasi lainnya yang insyaAllah sangat bermanfaat untuk kita semua. OUR PROJECT 1. QURVID (Al Quran Video) Terjemahan Perkata Video ayat-ayat Al Qur'an yang ditampilkan sec

Lab-2 - C++ 2 lab 2 at WSCC

C++ 2 lab 2 at WSCC

normarashid.com - The code behind NormaRashid.com

The code behind NormaRashid.com