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Franklin is a tool for recording data from various tests and store them for later display as charts. With the help of franklin you can monitor for example your websites ping, pagerank, indexed pages and more. You can create your own tests as well! AT




Related Projects

Olin-scheduler - A graphical course-scheduling application

This project is part of a project for a software engineering course at Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering. The project will help students to schedule courses with a graphical interface which shows and aids in the resolution of conflicts.

Franklinircservices - IRC Services by Franklin

An IRC services package that is based off of the Chakora IRC Services package. Written in Perl.

Spsu-distributed - Distributed Computing course project for Southern Polytechnic State University

This is the project page for a class project originally conceived by Mike Franklin, Brandon McKune, and Darren Woodley. It has since been adopted by the course instructor, Dr. Patrick Bobbie, and will continue to be developed and evolve through future classes.

Franklinmath - A symbolic computer algebra system for all types of mathematics, written in Java.

Franklin Math is now available!Franklin Math is a small open source computer algebra system (aka fancy calculator), designed to be fast and handy for quick calculations. It handles some symbolic algebra and manipulation, as well as high-precision numeric calculations. The built-in functions cover several fields of mathematics, and allow for function plotting. I have tested the installer on Windows XP without any issues. On Linux, you may have to be logged in as a root/administrator to have short

Kudos-js - A Brightcove Javascript SDK

This is the official project page for the kudos-js Brightcove Javascript SDK. kudos is designed to be a simple wrapper class for the Brightcove Media API. It exposes all of the native Brightcove read methods. Below, you'll find a breakdown of the included methods and properties, as well as some examples of use. The kudos project is not officially supported by Brightcove but is written by Brian Franklin and Matthew Congrove, two engineers from the Professional Services department of Brightcove. F

Onlineplanner - Online Planner

The Online Planner is simliar to The Franklin Planner

Reprap-franklin - A RepRap Emulator

A RepRap Emulator that is easily extensible and has a nice interface. Features Interface Multiple Speeds Multiple Firmwares Full Implementation Generation 5 RepMan (Mostly Implemented) PostScript Output Nine Speeds Multiple Inputs GCode File Serial Port UNIX Socket (VirtualBox Serial)

Nickname-and-diminutive-names-lookup - A way to find nicknames and diminutive names for US given nam

This is a CSV file that contains a persons given name (first name) and its associated nicknames or diminutive names. CSV was the easiest format to use. Maybe I'll release this in XML or something later, or maybe a kind soul who uses this library wants to contribute another format they converted it into? This lookup file was started from a genealogy page on the web at Because the lookup is based off of a dataset used for genealogy purposes there are