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Csv-reader-and-writer - Read and Write CSV files in

This is a small class for the .net framework that will read and write comma-separated-values (CSV) spreadsheets. It allows for cell access by row and column number, or for tables that have a header row with field names, the class allows the user to treat the table as a database table, where the record/field combination can be accessed. Source code is included in the supplied zip file, along with compiled DLL. Source code also available in the issues page. Public functions are fully documented in

Cipsnet - 中文信�处�平�

基于Microsoft .net frameworkV2平�开�的中文信�处�平�,目标是采用纯C#语言实现中文信�处�相关的框架,包括但��于: 1,基础框架 中文分� �性自动标注 2,应用框架 中文文本分类 标签(tag)抽�

Febird - C++ template library, serialization, non-idl rpc, etc

This Library ContainsContributors are eagerly required. please contact me: serialization framework(vs boost.serialization/google.protocolbuffer) Basic Can be used in protocol parsing, big/small data serialization, even in very small object serialize, performance is good. (such as key/data serialization in BerkeleyDB), febird.DataIO is very fast: (30~1000 times faster than boost.binary_archive), and very low memory usage (ONLY 2 PTR for deserialization). Declarational syntax Suc