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framer is a unix x11 program that is capable of containing other x11 programs. The purpose is to make it easier to align the managed programs. Its main use will be to manage terminals.



Related Projects


LiVES is a Video Editing System. It is designed to be simple to use, y


Modified PrBoom port with uncapped framerate, variable gamespeed, re-record, walkcam, chasecam, full mouselook, fov and other features without loss of compatibility with original DOOM.

Yet Another Avi Info (YAAI)

Yet Another Avi Info (YAAI) is one of the most comprehensive avi info programs. It shows you details as framerate, codecs, avg. bitrate of video and audio,... You can also sync video and audio stream by delaying the audio or changing the video framerate

Hsvin - High speed video indexing

To create a video file format with frames embedded with timestamps. We are looking at fixed and variable size frames as well as fixed and variable framerates at recording stage. The goals are: 1. To allow efficient video playback at UK standard framerates (25fps) as well as some other pre-specified speeds. 2. To allow efficient lookup of frames based on nearest timestamps (not frame numbers).

Flash-file-properties - reveal width, height, framerate, framecount, ... of a SWF/FLV Flash file

Flash File Properties is a class written in PHP, which reveals width, height, framerate, framecount, version and much more of a Flash SWF file. This class can be used, when you want to load a flash file dynamically. Flash File Properties can be embedded in a Content Management System (CMS) to determine the dimension of a Flash File in the SWF Format. Flash File Properties reads the informations out of the header of the SWF and supports some FLV functions aswell

Hxarrow - An implementation of functional arrows cross platform in haxe

A cross platform implementation of functional arrows in the haxe language. Currently works in neko, javascript and actionscript. Allows code without callbacks using the Arrow.eventA combinator Arrow.eventA(eventName).then(callbackFunctionOrArrow).run(eventDispatcher);Currently doesn't support the Choice arrow, but all basic combinators are included. Based on Arrowlets library , with a more complex back end. Also has uses in breaking up code as the scheduler can be sensitive to framerate and all

Kkapture - .kkapture is a small tool that produces video+audio captures of fullscreen apps (usually

what is it?.kkapture is a small tool that produces video+audio captures of fullscreen apps (usually demos). unlike fraps, it does not run in realtime; instead, it makes the demos run at a given, fixed framerate you can specify beforehand. in other words, .kkapture can make 60fps video captures of any demo your computer can run, even if each frame takes several seconds to render. why would someone want this?for windows demos, it is usually not much work to add a video writer to your program. howe

Pygalaxy - Pygame utilities for easy 2D game creation

PyGalaxy is an open source library of useful functions that make creating 2D games in pygame easier. A sampling of features: graphics primitives load transparent and animated GIFs correctly framerate utilities sprite engine with many features dynamic music mixing (music heats up with more enemies) microphone input and pitch detection simple physics engine AI functions such as pathfinding and state machines interface with Wii Remote, use all the features of the WiiMote in your game Some of the pi


QuickRip is a quick and easy but basic DVD ripper based on MPlayer and transcode. It is intended for those who do not care to configure framerates, clipping or other rarely-used options. It features both GUI and CLI interfaces.

Scrollback - Multi-OS, novice-friendly, Python-based SDK for 80's and early 90's style games

The ScrollBack project is an attempt to create a system for making games of the classic 80's and early 90's style, i.e. the kind of video games you loved playing when you were a kid. Unlike many game SDKs out there, this project values ease of use more than it values speed. This means that, whenever possible, it tries to make it easy for inexperienced users to do something even if it means a slower framerate. However, ScrollBack takes into consideration the fact that many of its users may be run