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Frag is a dynamic programming language, specifically designed for being a tailorable language, building Domain-Specific Languages (DSLs), supporting Model-driven Software Development, and for being easily embeddable in Java.



Related Projects

Wofreloaded - Weapons of Fury: Reloaded

Weapons of Fury: Reloaded is a mod for the game Quake III Arena. This mod changes the rules of Quake 3 a bit. There are no weapons or ammo boxes in the map and everybody spawns with a Rocket Launcher with unlimited ammo. Whenever you make a frag, you're awarded a Plasmagun that will replace your Rocket Launcher. Making a frag with the Plasmagun awards you a Shotgun, and so on. Whenever you make a frag with the last weapon, the BFG, you are awarded 10 points instead of one. The catch, however, is

Demo-collector - A program so u can very EASY collect demos with nice FRAGS + TIME.

A program so u can very EASY collect demos with nice FRAGS + Time.While u play have:1. Autorecord on 2. When u make a nice frag make a screenshot (bind it somewhere easy: i have it on mouse3) After a hard fraging day just run the program and it will get u all your demos with screenshot in a very good looking format for making movies :) Documentation:Documentation Change log:Change log Main Windows: Sample Output: Notice the 00.11_00.19 at the end of the first demo name. That means that this demo

Vc-stats - This script written in perl creates statistics from Vietcong gameservers.

supported maps:- Arroyo- Bahnar- Dustworld- Frontier- Halongport- IndianCountry- Nva- RiverDale- Storm- Stream- ThreeCanyons- Waterfallsupported game types:- ATG- CTF- DManalysis:- single clanplayer stats ranking (DM, ATG, CTF) (kills, deaths, frags, points)- clan stats (DM, ATG, CTF) (kills, deaths, frags, points)- map statistics- points US vs. VCUsage:Join all your endresults-xxx.txt logfiles together into one logfile:(windoz)type endresults-200* > big.log(linux)$ cat endresults-200* > big.log

Swarmedq3 - A mod for Quake III Arena

IntroductionSwarmed Quake 3 is a mod that pits you and up to three of your friends in a fight against waves of incoming enemies. These enemies are all AI controlled bots which you have to frag to progress to the next round. Each consecutive round is harder than the previous. Passing all the rounds resets you to the first round but at a higher difficulty level. Swarmed Quake 3 takes many gameplay cues from Gears of War 2's Horde mode but strays far from it when it comes to pacing and tactics. Goa


OpenFrag is an Open Source, multi-platform game. It plays in a medieval environment where Orcs and Humans fight to the death in a multiplayer session. Compile instructions and dependencies can be found on the following wiki page:

Fragcompiler - The Frag Compiler

Compilador para a linguagem FRAG UFJF/2007-3

Pri-views - Pri-Views is a tool that allows, given a relation table, to produce views (vertical frag

Pri-Views is a tool that allows, given a relation table, to produce views (vertical fragments) over it, in such a way to protect the privacy of possible sensitive information while providing maximal visibility over the data. Pri-Views project comes within the European project PrimeLife (7th Framework Programme).

Bwe - Biological Web Elements

Biological Web Elements library provides an easy way for you to represent biological data on to your website or blog. Biological Web Elements are really easy to use: just choose the features you want, and copy a few lines of code to your website. Inspired by the CARGO widgets and the Google Web Elements API the goal of the library is to provide users with rich representations of biological concepts. Currently the following Biological Web Elements are available: Text-miningiHOP DiseasesTumor type

Bws - Biological Web Services

Biological Web Service Library is a JavaScript library to communicate with several web services that provide biological information. The goal of the library is to facilitate this communication making easy to add relevant biological information to any web site. This library combined with the other two elements of the Biological Web Services Pipeline (Biological Web Services Proxy and Biological Web Elements) has been used to build the bridge between the Registry of Standard Biological Parts and t


PlayerGraph is a game information tool. It can collect information like player count, frags, kills, ping, current map, server name and more. This all works from a template system either live or as a cron job! Supports 30+ games.