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FPC is an Open Source, pyGTK and SQLite based, tool for monitoring the projects you are working on.



Related Projects

Vampyre Imaging Library

Imaging is native Object Pascal (Delphi and FPC) image loading, saving and manipulation library. It is available for several platforms and does not require any third party dynamic libraries.

TORO kernel

TORO is a kernel written as a RTL library for FPC compiler. The application is compiled without Operative System layer in a unique binary. Hence, The application can run alone in the system with a minimal kernel services like multithreading, VFS, Stack tpc-ip and more. It is distributed under GNU/Linux General Public License.

indy for FPC/Lazarus

Indy components for FPC/Lazarus

CUPS for FreePascal and Lazarus

CUPS: Common UNIX Printing System for FPC/Lazarus

Qxpascal - Pascal wrapper for Qooxdoo framework

Inspired by ExtPascal project, we're trying to create a similar project for Qooxdoo framework. This project will be using FreePascal (FPC) compiler and Lazarus IDE, utilizing FPC's fpWeb framework as the backend/remote engine. Compatibilty with Delphi is planned but not become a priority. Wrappers for other useful JS libraries such as Raphaël (vector drawing) or CodeMirror (code editor) is also planned for future releases. Our long term goal is to create a complete RAD web IDE (Delphi/Lazarus-l

Fpcjs - FreePascal JavaScript binding library

Unlike original/official Delphi JavaScript bridge, which is due to its complexness not compileable in FPC (FreePascal) and/or doesn't work really well, is too big, bloated and outdated, this project use only js15decl.pas (basically C header) interface from the original bridge and add very small (simple and maintainable) wrapper around it to simplify the usage of Mozilla JavaScript engine in FPC. It also contain set of minimal working demos how to do basic JS stuff from FPC like call JS function,

Python4delphi - Embedding Python within a Delphi application.

Python for Delphi (P4D) is a set of free components that wrap up the Python dll into Delphi and Lazarus (FPC). They let you easily execute Python scripts, create new Python modules and new Python types. You can create Python extensions as dlls and much more. P4D provides different levels of functionality: Low-level access to the python API High-level bi-directional interaction with Python Access to Python objects using Delphi custom variants (VarPyth.pas) Wrapping of Delphi objects for use in py


“JEDI Math” is a free mathematical library developed under the MPL for Delphi, Kylix, FPC and Lazarus. The library provides routines for matrices/vectors, regression, geometry, physics, equation rendering and raytracing among others.

Maia Mail Server

Delphi / FPC SMTP / POP3 Mail Server. High volume, customizable E-mail, for Win32, small footprint, secure, simple and fast with Web-based admin. See Documentation for more.


Master Operating System as Visual Pascal for DOS Graphical Interface for FPC programmers. MOS Design is based upon Amiga Workbench Make easily Roll-up menus, windows, buttons, sliders, lists, requesters...